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   Chapter 210

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But the policeman called Melissa many times, but she still didn't move at all. She just kept the same action.

No matter how patient people are will be tortured mad by such Melissa.

The policeman thought that Melissa didn't hear him, so he raised his voice and urged, "Miss Melissa?"

Seeing that Liam began to move again, the man immediately made a fighting posture.

Liam immediately stopped his action, and then persuaded kindly, "Well. I'll go downstairs and help her up. Don't look at me with such vigilance. I've already fallen into your hands. What else can I do? Now I'm afraid that all of you have occupied my base. Are you afraid that I will run away? "

Just when Liam was still thinking that he had possibility to escape, the policeman began to feel that something was wrong. He immediately interrupted Liam and said, "No need. Just come up. We'll send people by then. You don't have to work so hard. "

Liam had no choice but to glare at Melissa and said, "I seem to see Aaron outside."

After saying that, Liam walked up slowly. Of course, it was under the surveillance of the other party.

On the other hand, the dull look in Melissa eyes lit up in an instant.

She seemed to... It seemed that she had heard someone said Aaron?

The buzzing sound in her left ear made Melissa feel like she was dreaming.

But after thinking for a while, she thought it was better to go out and have a look.

She tried hard to walk forward, but her belly was directly against the stairs. If she wanted to climb up, her belly would suffer.

Melissa's action was a little stiff, and then she had to stop.

But if it went on like this, she wouldn't be able to see Aaron anymore.

For a moment, Melissa was in a dilemma. On the other side, Liam was surrounded by several policemen.

Looking at the vigilance of their faces, Liam looked a little helpless. He shook his head slightly and then said indifferently, "I'm just alone. I can't fly away with wings. Why are you all so nervous?"

Judith's face was full of worry. She tried her best to twist her body, but to no avail.

Just as everyone was in a stalemate, someone suddenly appeared at the bottom of the well, which startled everyone.

The policemen heaved a sigh of relief after they

be if he didn't inform Aaron of this matter later.

But that was a later story.

The car whizzed past, and the police directly handcuffed Liam's hands.

About fifteen minutes later, the police car slowly stopped. Aaron had been waiting impatiently in the office for a long time. He stared at the table with burning eyes, seeming to be in a daze.

When he was about to lose his temper, there was a knock on the door.

Aaron stood up quickly and walked out straightly.

When he opened the door, he saw Liam being arrested and coming in. The anxiety on Aaron's face disappeared in an instant. He stared at him with a faint smile.

Liam gritted his teeth and stared at Aaron. Why could this man still be so calm now? Did he really not care about Melissa at all?

God damn it! He shouldn't have listened to that man and kidnapped Melissa

At the thought of this, Liam's face darkened. But out of instinct, he didn't want Aaron to see his failure.

Liam forced a smile and said casually, "What a coincidence, Mr. Aaron."

In the face of his ridicule, Aaron did not reject. Instead, he smiled and replied, "That's true. I thought you would come here, but it took me more effort than I expected. "

Liam's mouth twitched a little, and then he pursed his lips and said, "I didn't expect you to be indifferent to your own woman. I bet it wrong. Judging from your grandpa and the driver's reaction to her, I thought she was valuable. As a result, you didn't even care about her abortion. I was wrong. "

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