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   Chapter 209

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On the other side, it was already in the white hot stage.

With the help of K, the people who had ambushed around Liam's base soon found a suitable position for themselves.

The three who were still walking in the secret passage seemed to know nothing about the outside world.

Melissa was still in a trance. If Judith were not present, Judith almost felt Liam would directly attack Melissa here in order to find the fastest way to escape.

Fortunately, the secret passage was not very long. Although there were many turns, they finally arrived.

Liam turned his head proudly to look at Judith, and then grinned, "We are almost there. This is the very remote sewer on the street. No one will come down unless someone cultivates the water road. "

Judith immediately put on a look of worship, and then nodded repeatedly to praise him. Liam's vanity swelled up in an instant.

But what he didn't know was that once he removed the manhole cover, he would die...

When Liam was complacent, he seemed to think of something and walked to the back of Judith. Then he stared at the empty back and said, "Judith, go upstairs first. I'm afraid that something will follow us. That's not good. This passage can only let the three of us leave. "

What Liam said sounded reasonable. If Judith was an inexperienced girl or didn't know Liam, she would think he was very generous.

As a result, Liam was just afraid of ambush out there? That's why he wants to use his woman as a gunshot?

At the thought of this, Judith's face was tinged with some contempt. Although it was not obvious, it was still captured by Liam.

With a gloomy face, Liam quietly turned around, stared at Judith and said coldly, "What's wrong? Do you think I will hurt you? "

Now that he had said so, if Judith continued to refuse, the truth would be revealed.

Shaking her head quickly, Judith explained, "I was just worried about if someone would ambush outside. But after thinking for a while, I think your design is flawless. No one knows that we are in this sewer and ready to escape from this place. "

After saying that, Judith turned over and climbed up the stairs slowly.

She had wanted to help Melissa. However, Liam suddenly changed his face. He stretc

at least threaten the police by catching Melissa.

Didn't they advocate saving the hostages? Let them save hostages as much as they could this time!

The policeman looked away impatiently. Then he pulled the trigger again and asked, "Cut the crap. Come on up! Where is Miss Melissa? "

It was true this time. If he used a little more strength, Liam would know that he would lose his head.

But if he gave Melissa to them, he would really have no chance to run away.

Liam gave a sinister smile and pretended to be helpless, "The hostages are downstairs. Do you want me to bring them up first? Do you think I have several hands and feet? I can't reach her! "

As he spoke, Liam deliberately moved his position so that the policeman could see below.

As expected, Melissa raised her head in confusion and stared blankly at it. She seemed to be a fool without saying a word.

After confirming that it was Melissa who was in the bottom of the well. The policeman breathed a sigh of relief. Then he urged, "Miss Melissa! Please come upstairs. It's too dangerous down there. Hurry up! "

'Aaron told me to protect this lady. Now we finally find her. '.

It seemed that the task would be completed soon.

Thinking of this, the policeman was in a good mood.

This time, even the soldiers of the special force were sent out. It seemed that it was useless. In the end, it was the ordinary police like them who found Melissa.

While thinking, the policeman was a little carried away.

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