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   Chapter 205

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Indeed, for Gorman and Aaron, Melissa was maybe just a passer-by.

It was all her own wishful thinking.

Melissa still remembered what Aaron had said that day.

'In Mu Family, I only admit my grandfather. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have lived till now. So for me, he is more important than my life.'

Therefore, since it was the most important thing for Aaron, Melissa had to keep him even if she had to lose her life!

It was just a life. If it weren't for Aaron, she might not have been in this world. It was already her luck to be able to stay in this world for so long.

Melissa smiled silently. Then she showed eight teeth and shrugged, indicating that she didn't say anything.

The man didn't force her. Seeing that Melissa didn't want to say anything, he didn't continue to make things difficult for her.

Shrugging, the man adjusted his sitting position and smiled, "Drive. It will be better if we finish our task earlier. "

The killer who was driving nodded and then answered quickly, "Yes! Boss. We got it. "

Melissa was curious about the way they got along with each other.

Because their harmonious relationship between them was beyond Melissa's concept of killing man.

They were not vulgar. And they didn't do anything to make the hostage feel sick. If possible, Melissa wanted to make friends with them.

Unfortunately, if Aaron knew this, he would think it was impossible.

The car ran slowly and soon arrived at the place mentioned by Liam.

When the man pushed the door open, he looked around cautiously. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he signaled his men to bring out Melissa.

There were a lot of people do the same thing in this industry. What's more, it was Liam who made the deal with him this time. If it was only Liam, then it was not such a big deal. But this time, he had the cunning Scorpion by his side, so he had to be more cautious.

Fortunately, everything went well along the way. Under the guidance of the guards, Melissa was imprisoned in a small room.

Taking a deep drag on the cigarette, the man said in a hoarse voice, "The rest has nothing to do with us. Miss Melissa, take care of yourself."


s topic, but he asked casually, "What's the matter?"

Liam was a little uncertain about his casually voice.

After all, it was Melissa he caught instead of Gorman. This was obviously different from his original plan. If it weren't for the fact that they guaranteed Melissa was a special existence to the Mu Family, he would have ordered them to kidnap Gorman again.

Liam cleared his throat and tried his best to calm himself down. Then he pretended to be gloomy and said, "Melissa is here. You should know why I caught her, right? "

After saying that, Liam felt his heart beat faster and his breath quickened.

If Aaron really didn't care, what would he do?

As expected, Aaron did live up to Liam's expectations. Her voice and tone were calm.

However, no one knew that on the other end of the phone, Aaron had already clenched his fingers into a fist. He wished he could raise his fist directly and then hit Liam in the face heavily.

But considering all her plans, Aaron had to take a deep breath and try his best to sound calm. "And then? Are you calling to tell me this? "

The calmer he was, the more nervous Liam became.

Did he really catch the wrong person.

Although he had been mentally prepared for such a result, but Liam still lost his pace when he heard Aaron said so.

His face turned deathly pale. Then he sat weakly on the chair and muttered, "Since you don't care... Then no matter what I do, you won't care neither, right? "

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