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   Chapter 198

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But how could the owner of the car give him the chance?

Noticing Aaron's unfriendly gaze, the driver rolled down the window in an instant, leaving Aaron with a simple side face.

But that was why Aaron knew it was not that simple.

Shouldn't Lawrence be locked up in a secret room? Why was he in that man's car? And who was that man? Why did he look so familiar?

With a frown, Aaron thought about it. Then, Melissa and Gorman looked at him strangely.

Was there no gas? So the car couldn't start?

But it didn't seem to be the case from Aaron's face.

Melissa tentatively reached out her hand, gently tugged at Aaron's sleeve and stared at him uneasily.

Aaron back to his sense, and then he explained with an awkward smile, "Nothing. I just thought of something, so I stopped."

Gorman looked in the direction where Aaron had just glanced, but there was nothing Then what was he looking at?

All of a sudden, Aaron rolled down the window and stretched out his head.

Sure enough, in the opposite direction of them, a blue car rushed directly. It seemed that there must be some big shot sitting inside. Otherwise, it was impossible for other people or ordinary people to easily seduce Aaron!

With a casual look on his face, Aaron turned to look at Gorman and explained, "Nothing. Let's go. I just saw the wrong person. Grandpa, how about you go to my villa first? I seem to have left something in the villa. I'll send you to my company later. "

Aaron was overjoyed to hear that Gorman invited him to his villa. He had been wondering when he could visit Aaron's villa. Now that he had such a good opportunity to come to his house, how could he easily miss it?

Aaron grinned and turned around. But his eyes immediately turned anxious. Although he was back to Melissa, he couldn't hide from Melissa.

Perhaps it was because pregnant women were sensitive, so at the first time, Melissa sensed that something was wrong.

She slowly pushed away Gorman's hand that was holding her wrist. Then, without hesitation, Melissa stretched out her hand and slapped rhythmically.

Sometimes she was anxious, sometimes she was slow, and sometimes she paused and thought.

After a while, A

tter than that of Aaron!

When Aaron entered the villa, he found that the things inside were obviously turned over, as if someone was looking for something.

"Damn it!"

With a plaintive curse, Aaron hurried back to his room. After confirming that his things were not taken away, he rushed to the basement with the key.

As expected, the door was pried open. Because someone didn't find the key.

There was no one in the room where Lawrence was locked up.

When Aaron turned around, his face turned livid.

No one had expected this to happen.

With a gloomy face, Aaron clenched his ten fingers into a fist, and then slammed into the wall before shouting, "Scorpion, I will never let you go like this!"

In the spacious basement, the sound of Aaron kept repeating

Afraid that Melissa would find here, Aaron didn't dare to stay any longer. He put away the key and hurried back to the first floor.

As expected, Melissa was sitting on the sofa, she anxiously turned her head, trying to find Aaron.

If Gorman hadn't forbidden Melissa to move, the basement would have been found by her.

There were not many people who knew about this basement. Of course, the fewer people knew, the safer it would be...

Looking at the worried look in Melissa's eyes, Aaron forced a smile and said, "Don't worry. It's all right. I was just a little nervous just now. After all, it's always a little uncomfortable for someone to pretend to be me back to the villa."

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