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   Chapter 194

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The woman he was familiar with?

Upon hearing the description from K, Aaron frowned in an instant.

There were countless women he knew in this world, but if he wanted to say they were familiar with each other, the scope was obviously narrowed.

The first thing that could be excluded was Melissa, because she was with him now. Then the woman K mentioned couldn't be her. 'Lois's met K in the morning. Then who is it?

Was it... Gina?

K pulled down his sunglasses a little and glanced at the hasty figure inside. Then he smiled and said, "Gina is shopping in an adult store. Do you want to guess what it is?"

An adult store?

Was she going to buy... Pregnancy test stick?

Aaron's face twitched slightly. Then he ordered, "Keep an eye on her. If there is anything wrong, inform me immediately. If she really has a child, she must be aborted by any means. It doesn't matter if the adult has an accident."

It was just a life, and Aaron could afford it. But he couldn't spread his seeds casually. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles.

K fixed his eyes on Gina not far away.

K was about to report something to Aaron, but he found that Gina paid the money in a hurry and got on a black car with her head down.

Looking at the familiar car number, K instantly cheered up.

He bent down and interrupted the topic, "I see. If there is any movement, I will contact you again. Gina has begun to move. I'll follow her right now Dududu... "

After saying that, K hung up the phone directly. Then he hailed a taxi and followed it slowly.

Everything went on as he had planned.

As if she didn't notice anything, Gina held the pregnancy test stick tightly and rushed to Liam's base.

All of a sudden, K, who was standing behind the taxi driver, frowned. Then he stretched out his hand to block the steering wheel of the taxi driver. With a gloomy face, he said, "All right. There is no need to continue following."

The driver was startled, with cold sweat on his forehead.

If he failed to control himself just now, something would have happened. K's action was too dangerous.

Seeing that little K didn't want to reflect, the driver emphasized, "Sir, it's ve

ot of the bed stood up. Then she walked over naked and took the initiative to snuggle into Liam's arms.

Gina's mind was still on what he said just now.

What does he mean by saying that this woman have sex with him just to achieve something else? Although what Liam said was true, why did the man who had been sweet to her become so cold all of a sudden?

Gina couldn't accept it.

With a gloomy face, Gina turned around and sneered, "Liam, what do you mean?"

She worked so hard to get the information about their cooperation, but Liam was enjoying the pleasure of sex here. Besides, she was pregnant. Didn't he know how to respect woman?

Seeing the furious look on Gina's face, Liam became interested in her at once. He stretched out his hands, and then tore his face apart. "Do you still want to please me with your pregnant body? What's more, you work so hard just to get back to Aaron as soon as possible. What benefit can I get from helping you? "

Liam knew what Gina was planning.

Hearing this, Gina didn't know what to say, because what Liam said was true. She couldn't say a complete sentence after a long time.

Liam's smile deepened. He kissed the woman in his arms and smiled, "What? Are you speechless?"

Gina sneered and turned around to walk outside. "I met Aaron when I went out just now. He followed me at the beginning. I was going to come back to see this matter with you. It seems that it's not the right time. Forget it. "

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