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   Chapter 192

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She had tried her best to please Aaron, but he seemed to be determined and didn't want to say anything nice. Does he have to make the relationship between the two more and more stiff!

Especially when there were outsiders present, Aaron showed no mercy. This time, she was laughed at by her friends in the circle. And all of this was caused by Melissa!

How could she let it go so easily?

With a sinister smile, Rebecca looked more and more ferocious.

However, Gorman didn't notice it at all. He waved at the servants, indicating that they didn't need to arrange their meal. Then he followed them excitedly and glanced at Rebecca and her husband in the villa.

Rebecca's face darkened. She clenched her fists and stared at their receding figures plaintively.

William's face darkened, too. Because Aaron just ignored his father directly. Fortunately, all the people present were in the villa, and they knew something about the inside story. If it were an outsider, he would have lost his face!

The two of them looked at each other for a while and then began to find an excuse for each other. "What a naughty boy! How long has he been like this?"

Noticing William's intention, Rebecca put on a happy smile and said, "Yes, he is still quarreling with me at this time. Honey, what are we going to eat today? I'm going to cook something delicious for you today! "

William nodded, stood up quickly and explained, "It doesn't matter. I like everything you do. I'll go back to the company later and come back later. You can prepare for it first."

Rebecca didn't try to persuade William to stay. She looked like a good wife and a good mother, gently watching William leave.

The servants around watched all this silently, not daring to say a word.

On the other side, Aaron and Gorman looked much more casual, but Melissa was a little restless.

There was a trace of stiffness between her behaviors. For all this, Aaron just grinned and said nothing.

There was no need to force Melissa to do something. It was better for her to figure it out herself than to persuade her.

While Aaron was concentrating on driving, Gorman restlessly turned his head to look at the back seat of the car and asked, "Melissa, what kind of boy do you like?"

is possibility, the nerves all over Melissa's body tensed!

At a loss, she turned to look at Aaron, only to find that there was no big change in Aaron's face, as if he didn't notice it

Melissa reached out her hand and gently tugged at the corner of Aaron's clothes, indicating him to look at the position of Gorman.

Before Aaron could say anything, Gorman broke the ice, "Can't this girl speak? Last time, I seemed to remember it vaguely, but later my impression was blurred. I'm getting old! Old... "

Aaron nodded. After he nodded, Gorman stood up immediately. His angry look was even more frightening.

'What's wrong with this old man? Sometimes he smiles, and sometimes he looks like someone has stolen my treasure.'

With a livid face, Gorman asked loudly, "What the hell is going on? Last time I met this girl, she could speak! Aaron, did you do something to her? "

Noticing that the situation was a little subtle, Melissa waved her hand repeatedly, indicating that it was not what Gorman thought.

However, in the eyes of the furious Gorman, there was only Aaron now. If Aaron didn't explain, his anger would not disappear.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Aaron turned his head away. Then, Aaron said softly, "it was Kristen who did it. When I wanted to find her out, she was gone. I couldn't find her."

Perhaps for Melissa, the name of "Kristen" only had fear, but it was different for Aaron.

For Aaron, the name "Kristen" represented memory, sweetness and everything in the past.

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