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   Chapter 190

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Melissa nodded and continued to eat her breakfast.

But it was also because of this that she did not see the woman standing in front of the screen, beside the high-level figure in C city.

If Melissa had seen it, Aaron wouldn't have been able to get away with it so easily

On the other side of the screen, Lois's face was ghastly pale. Then she let the fat man around her hold her waist.

Her mind gradually drifted away. An hour ago, in the basement of the Aaron's villa.

Hearing the noise outside the room, Lois, who was looking forward to seeing Aaron, came to her senses in an instant. She stood up quickly and stretched out her neck as if she wanted to stretch it out the next second.

However, what Lois didn't know was that what she was facing was not a rebirth, but a new imprisonment and torture.

With a click, the door was pushed open. A big smile appeared on Lois's face.

However, the smile only lasted for a few seconds before it suddenly froze on her face.

When she saw who it was, Lois's face turned pale with fear. She shivered and stepped back. "How could it be you! Where is Aaron? Where is Mr. Aaron? Isn't he coming? "

She would never forget this man. The disgusting fat and lustful eyes had made her unforgettable.

The man seemed to be interested in Lois's reaction. He smiled sinisterly and then moved forward. "Why can't I be here? Mr. Aaron asked me to come here, so I came here naturally. Do you still doubt it? "

With a shrill cry, Lois stood up quickly and roared, "No. I don't believe it! It's impossible. Mr. Aaron said he would take me out. How could he ask you to come here? You are lying! "

The man took the initiative to put his arms around Lois's waist, and then grinned, "Believe it or not, since I'm here, I can't go back empty handed. Mr. Aaron is also outside. If you still don't believe it, you can directly confront Mr. Aaron."

As he spoke, he directly pulled Lois out of the room, regardless of her struggle.

Lois's struggling and sobbing didn't make others feel sorry for her.

About fifty meters outside the secret room, Lois saw the figure of Aaron, and it seemed that she had seen her savior. She rushed up and asked for help, "Mr. Aaron, ple

Although he felt sorry for Lois, he didn't dare to say anything on the surface for fear of offending Aaron.

Seeing that Lois was about dying, Aaron stopped him and said, "K, that's enough. That woman just needs to calm down. This is the son of the boss of the newspaper in C City, Vincent. "

Hearing this, K immediately stopped what he was doing. The tacit understanding between him and Aaron was so high that it was inconceivable.

Vincent also smiled brightly He had thought that the woman, Lois, would disappear from the world. Fortunately, Aaron stopped at the last minute.

K turned his head expressionlessly and nodded to Vincent, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Vincent."

The change here was so great that Vincent didn't know how to express his feelings for a moment. "It's okay. We are all on our own. There's no need to be so reserved! Ha ha... "

Standing up straight, Aaron pointed at the position of K and said, "Since the matter has been handled, I'll go upstairs first. If you have anything to tell me, you can contact K at any time. He will contact me as soon as possible. "

Vincent nodded, indicating that he understood.

After reaching all his goals in a tacit manner, Aaron turned around and went back to his room. He held Melissa in his arms and began to have a good dream.

On the other hand, Howard drove K, Lois and Vincent to the press conference.

But at this moment, Melissa was still sleeping soundly She knew nothing about what had just happened.

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