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   Chapter 189 A Substitute

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Shirley felt twinge of amusement at Howard's watchful manner.

Since when did the two of them have such a state to face each other? Was this woman really so important to Howard?

With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, Shirley Lu pretended to be indifferent and said. "Let me ask you, Howard, how important is this useless vase woman to you?"

Looking at her sarcastic look, Howard knew that things were not as simple as he thought.

He stopped and tried to lower Shirley's vigilance. "Kristen is not a vase woman. Put down the gun! Did you hear that, Shirley Lu? "

Not a beautiful woman?

If she were not a beautiful woman, how could she not dodge a punch? Who had told her that in this world, beautiful women were the most useless. If she wanted to survive, she had to rely on means and skills. And he pushed her into the organization by himself, so that she could continue to hone her skills?

Looking at the sad smile in her eyes, Howard felt inexplicably guilty.

It seemed that Howard was afraid that Shirley Lu would do something excessive because of anger, so he changed the topic and said, "This woman is also a special existence to Mr. Mu. If you hurt her, the two of us will suffer a lot!"

All of a sudden, Shirley Lu let go of her hand, put the gun back into her pocket, and casually pushed Kristen out, making her fall to the ground.

Howard stood aside, trembling with fear. He wanted to go up, but he was afraid that Shirley Lu would suddenly change her mind and do something strange.

Looking at him, Shirley's heart sank.

With a cruel smile, Shirley Lu walked out without looking back and said, "Howard, that's enough. You are so hypocritical. It's my fault. I just want to see how much she means to you. It seems that I have overestimated myself."

Howard didn't fully understand the meaning of Shirley's words. It was not until she walked out that he quickly leaned forward and helped Kristen up from the ground.

Before he could comfort her, Kristen grabbed Howard's arm and roared, "It's all your fault. You have to get me into such a big trouble. Howard you'd better leave me as soon as possible. You can't do anything here. You were afraid of both wolf and tiger, and you said you loved me. Got out! I, Kristen, don't need such a coward man! "

Her wo

lthough he didn't like others to touch his body, he didn't break out unexpectedly. Instead, he reached out his hand to pull away the hand of Melissa and asked with concern, "What's wrong? Is there anything wrong?"

After a short pause, Melissa turned around and compared it with the TV. She felt that the Aaron in front of her was more real.

If Aaron could smile so brightly, that was a strange thing.

Thinking of this, she pointed at the TV. Fearing that Aaron didn't understand what she meant, she put the bowl and chopsticks on the table. Then she tiptoed to the TV and continued to draw circles on the four words online.

Seeing the reaction of Melissa, Aaron couldn't help laughing and asked, "Do you think that's me?"

If the person beside his pillow couldn't recognize the substitute, let alone the outsider. Moreover, the person who played him was his close subordinate. Whether it was imitating the voice or doing something, it was absolutely lifelike. Who knows who you are if you can't see your face when you wear sunglasses?

Melissa shook her head obediently and then sat back at the table.

After a closer look, she did feel something different. If the man on the TV hadn't laughed too brightly, Melissa wouldn't have felt that he was a substitute.

For a moment, the hair on the back of Melissa's head stood on end. What else amazing could Aaron do?

Aaron turned off the TV and grinned, "Let's eat. We have to catch a car later. I asked Howard to buy you a bag of imported preserved plum. I'll get it later."

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