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   Chapter 188

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Hearing the voice, Howard and Kristen stopped what they were doing with a sense of humor and turned to the door.

The door, which was supposed to be closed, was pushed open, and a woman was leaning against it.

She smiled. The sun shone on her face, and she was a little dejected.

Shirley didn't seem to think she had done anything wrong. She smiled frankly and pretended to be confused. "What's wrong? Did I interrupt the conversation between you two? I'm so sorry. "

Howard's face darkened, but he loosened his grip on Kristen's hand subconsciously.

With a sinister smile, Kristen suddenly shook off her sanity and laughed, "I didn't expect you to say you like me on the surface, but you have done something else secretly."

Howard was not qualified to persuade her. Sure enough, no matter whoever's love was fake. Only Aaron was true, he was her true love!

Seeing that Kristen had misunderstood him, Howard, who had always been indifferent, began to feel remorseful. He took the initiative to put his hand forward and tried to explain, "Kristen, it's not what you think. In fact, I..."

When he was about to explain, Shirley, who was standing behind him, said calmly, "I think Mr. Aaron is looking for you. Howard, do you want to go back and report it to him first?"

Mr. Aaron was looking for him? Was he aware of something?

At the thought of this possibility, Howard couldn't stay any longer. He stared at Kristen seriously for a long time before he cut off the knot and said, "Kristen, listen to me. Don't provoke Melissa. It's for your own good. If you really want to come back to Aaron, you can do it in other ways. Don't hurt yourself, okay? "

Looking at all this indifferently, Kristen didn't show much on her face.

Finally, when Howard was about to disappear at the door, Kristen finally said, "If you really want to prove your love for me, then prove it with actions. Otherwise, don't talk nonsense here. "

This sentence might sound ordinary, but in fact, only Kristen and Howard could understand it.

Her so-called proof was to attack Melissa.

Howard frowned and said nothing. He just turned around and left quickly.

After Howard left, Shirley didn't seem to be leaving and stared at Kristen with a faint smile.

This woman was not very beautiful, but why could sh


Not daring to struggle hard, Kristen nervously stared at Shirley out of the corner of her eyes and said with a trembling voice, "What the hell do you want to do? As I said, I have no feelings for Howard. What else do you want me to do? "

"I want you..."

"Shirley! What are you doing? "

Before Shirley finished her words and was about to make a move, Howard's furious voice came from outside.

The door was kicked open with great force, and Howard broke in directly. When he pushed the door open, he saw the tearful look in Kristen's eyes, and Shirley, who was holding a special silenced pistol against Kristen's temple.

He had called Aaron halfway, but he didn't want to see him at all. After thinking it over, Howard realized that it might be a conspiracy designed by Shirley.

As expected, when he came back, he found that things had gone to extremes.

When Lu Xiaoxuan heard the voice, she was surprised at first, but soon returned to her original look. "What am I doing? I'm getting rid of the trouble. Are you feeling sorry for her? "

Her voice was neither hasty nor slow, and her words were not embellished. But somehow, when Howard heard it, everything changed.

Howard slowly walked over a thousand heads. While staring at Shirley warily, he said, "Shirley, haven't you received enough tasks? Can you take out such things and play with other people's lives? "

It seemed that he had to find a time to have a talk with her boss. If he had come back a second later, he really didn't know what would have happened!

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