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   Chapter 186

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'Damn it! Am I really so humble in your heart? Can't I compare with a thief woman? 'Gina thought.

At the thought of this, Gina's face darkened. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

Looking at her angry face, Liam didn't seem to be too surprised. He lit a cigarette silently and said, "I don't know about it. But now I'm here. It's not easy for Aaron to make you to have an abortion. Don't worry. I have placed all my bets on you. You can't make any mistake! "

There seemed to be some scheme in his eyes, but Gina didn't notice it. She had put her heart into what Liam said that now he's here, it's not that easy for Aaron to have an abortion.

Her face began to turn better and she turned her head and looked at Liam. She giggled, "Which means that I can be Mrs. Aaron?"

Liam nodded and stood up quietly. "Let's wait and see. In less than a month, Aaron will come to beg me. At that time, I will naturally ask him to marry you. You can rest assured to nourish the fetus. If the child is accidentally lost, then everything It's your problem. "

There were still some words in his words. Gina nodded her head without thinking too much.

As soon as she thought that she would be able to live with Aaron all the time, all the factors in her blood began to boil in an instant.

Gina's face was full of complacent smiles, as if she could see the days when she stood beside Aaron.

Clenching her slender and fair fingers, Gina raised her head and laughed, "You should have died when you fell off the cliff, Melissa. God has his own plans. I, Gina, will finally stand by the side of Aaron!"

She looked a little crazy, but Liam chose to ignore her. He turned around and left in the name of something.

All of a sudden, the big room was filled with the harsh smile of Gina.

On the other side, Aaron and Melissa returned to the villa.

After taking Melissa to the villa, Aaron checked her up several times. After confirming that there was no wound except the coffee stains on her face, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Gently holding the face of the Melissa, Aaron asked tentatively, "Melissa, are you hurt?

nstant. She opened her eyes wide and stared at the man in front of her.

He was smiling, but why did she feel numb in her heart?

Fear was written all over Lois's face, and then she sobbed loudly, "Mr. Aaron Aaron! Mr. Aaron! Help me out! I really did nothing! I'm innocent! Please trust me! "

If she continued to live in this dark place, she swore that she would really go crazy!

Hearing what Lois said, Aaron felt funny.

Now that things had come to this, how long did Lois think she could hide it? Or did she really think that he knew nothing?

Walking up to Lois, Aaron grabbed her chin mercilessly and said viciously, "You didn't do anything? Can you tell me who did this to Melissa's phone? "

If it weren't for the fact that she was still valuable, Aaron would have killed her.

Aaron gripped Lois so hard that it hurt.

She tried her best to lower her head a little. In the dim light, Aaron saw the scars on Lois's body.

Howard must have smoothed her edges before he came. No wonder she was so eager to escape from this place.

Just as Aaron was thinking, Lois begged with tearful eyes, "Mr. Aaron. People outside must have said something bad to you because I wasn't around. Please trust me. As long as I can help you, I'm willing to do anything for you. Please trust me! "

Are you willing to do anything?

Hearing this, Aaron was interested. Then he loosened his grip on Lois's chin.

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