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   Chapter 171

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One after another, he couldn't stop drinking.

He knew it would be dangerous if he went on like this, but his brain was out of control and kept repeating the same action.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, Aaron's sight began to blur. He shook his blurry eyes. 'Oh, no, ' he thought. Then he tried hard to use his remaining will to forcefully stop.

Aaron forcibly pulled out a smile and then pretended to be cool, "It seems that we're almost done today. How about we meet another day?"

If Liam hadn't known that there was something wrong with the wine, he would have misunderstood that Aaron was completely fine. But since he knew it, how could he miss the only chance?

He had tried so hard to get close to Aaron for such a long time today, just for this moment. How could he let him go so easily?

As long as Aaron and Gina have sex, his plan could be completely on the right track!

Liam's eyes rolled quickly. Then he took the initiative to step forward and tried to control the mind of Aaron. "Mr. Aaron, I think we get along well Why don't you tell your men? That you are going to stay here at night or something like that. I have a lot to talk with you, but unfortunately, I don't have enough time! "

Have a talk? The contract Sign it?

A lot of work was hovering in Aaron's mind.

When Aaron was in a daze, he suddenly thought of the smile on Melissa's face. He took a deep breath and became sober in an instant.

Suddenly, he stood up quickly and knocked Liam's hand off. Then he said apologetically, "I'm sorry. My woman is waiting for me at home. If I go back late tonight, she should be naughty again."

As soon as Aaron thought of Melissa, the expression on his face was different from before and became more gentle.


"Aaron Aaron... "

Just as Aaron insisted, Gina came out from a corner without Liam's permission.

She wore clothes of the same style as that of Melissa. She leaned over and put her arms around Aaron's neck.

It was not easy to get to this step. How could she let Aaron go back to that woman's side so easily? Is everything that Liam has done today going to be wasted? No, she couldn't....

She wanted to get Aaron's body and his heart!

Liam's eyes wi

e by himself. Besides, if he was in danger just now, how could he come out safe and sound? Don't you think so? "

If he rushed in now, he would undoubtedly annoy Aaron. But he could investigate what made Aaron so determined.

Looking at the confident look of Silver, Jay seemed to have comprehended something. His face was full of shock, and then he trembled, "You mean..."

Silver nodded and showed a sly smile. "Yes, let's wait and see. If there is anything wrong, I will inform you immediately."

After getting the exact answer from Silver, Jay seemed to think it was reasonable. Then he felt relieved and sat directly on the ground, silently waiting for the order of Aaron.

At the same time, Liam set up the camera and took Aaron and Gina to a room with good sound insulation effect.

In this way, no matter how loud the noise was inside, the people outside would not notice it. It was like killing two birds with one stone!

If Aaron really cares about Melissa, what if this video accidentally falls into Melissa's hands, how Aaron would explain it.

Liam gave a sinister smile and pressed the button for recording. Then he quietly left.

He believed that there would be a good show tomorrow when Aaron woke up.

At the thought of that, Liam's smile deepened.

He walked back to the small table and shook his wine. He hummed a tune from time to time, and his mood was particularly crossed.

He wondered how it would feel if Aaron's woman was pressed under him...

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