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   Chapter 170

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After the minions had left for a long time, Jay turned around and left slowly.

He was much more restrained and calm.

He was too impulsive just now. If that person hadn't helped him, he would have been tied up and sent to Aaron now.

Feeling lucky, Jay quickened his pace and went back to the canteen.

The people who were watching him secretly looked at each other, nodded, and then turned around and disappeared in the corner.

Jay nodded and smiled at Aaron, seeming to say that he was fine.

When they sat down, Jay put the two jars of tea on the table and said, "Mr. Aaron. I happened to meet Liam's men when I came here, so he asked me to bring it here. "

With a smile on his face, Aaron said to Liam, "Okay. Thank you. "

Liam gave a meaningful smile and made a cup of tea for both of them. "You're welcome You will definitely use it then. It's my favorite. "

There seemed to be something else in his words, but Aaron didn't realize it in time, which caused some unnecessary trouble in the future.

An ordinary tea almost overturned Aaron's life!

The two of them had a nice conversation and soon lunch time passed. And Liam also began to prepare to discuss the project cooperation.

Seeing that the man took the initiative to speak, Aaron would not be polite. He put his head in front of him, and then said seriously, "This time, I hope that your people will not touch the imported medicine of my hand."

Liam's area of jurisdiction covered many parking areas and the control of the stock in and out of the warehouse. Every time he took drugs, they would be taken away a lot for no reason.

The price was not a problem, but the special drugs were specially supplied. If the superior knew that there were so many mistakes, it would not be as simple as compensation.

How could he make fun of special drugs?

Liam put his arms around the bear and looked at Aaron playfully, "Of course. What are you going to give me? I always straightforward. If I like what you offer, it's a piece of cake for me! "

If it is Aaron's request, what benefits and wealth will be behind the entrusted content?

Aaron stretched out five fingers and shook them in front of Liam. Then he said seriously, "Of course. I'll give you not only the land agreement, but also this number."

Liam's face darkened at once. His words were also tinged with some perso


Liam smiled and stopped talking. He asked his servants to start cooking.

The last good play was finally about to begin As long as Aaron drank it, the rest would be natural.

He turned his head and winked at Gina, who was standing at the corner. Then he poured himself a glass of wine and said, "That's easy. I'm looking forward to the cooperation with you."

After saying that, he drank it up. Didn't know if it was because Aaron was too confident in his drinking capacity that he poured himself a glass of wine and drank it up.

He didn't feel uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, he felt that this wine was more attractive than he had drunk in the past social activities, with his lips and teeth fragrant.

He didn't expect that Liam had so many good things here. If they were sold in the market, it would be a considerable amount of income.

Seeing that Aaron frowned tightly, Liam took the initiative to confess, "Since you like it, drink a few more glasses. Do you think I can hurt you? Your men are at the door. No matter how bold I am, I won't break up with you directly. "

Hearing that, Aaron smiled and then denied, "If I had so many misgivings, I wouldn't have come here deliberately today. There are other reasons why I took them out. Don't think too much, Liam. Well, I'll punish myself by drinking three glasses of wine. It's my fault! To make you misunderstand me. "

After saying that, Aaron drank up the glass of wine that had just been filled.

Perhaps it was because the wine was too tasty that Aaron found it difficult to restrain himself

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