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   Chapter 161 How About That

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On the other side, the two people who came out of the villa went back to the car hastily.

Aaron glanced anxiously at Melissa, then he said, "Forget about the documents. Your legs are more important than the papers. I'm taking you to the hospital now. You see, your feet are blistered. That damn woman Do you feel pain? "

Looking into the gentle eyes of Aaron, Melissa's heart skipped a beat.

She nodded and then shook her head quickly, indicating Aaron that she was fine.

But how could Aaron listen to her? They went straight to the hospital as if the hospital of Sean's was his private clinic. As long as he needed, Sean had no chance to refuse at any time.

Melissa forced a smile, but was more touched in her heart.

Now there were no other people around, but Aaron still kept nervous and concerned about her Wasn't it just for show?

Melissa was still confused and didn't come to herself when they arrived.

On the other hand, Aaron didn't mind others' opinions because he thought that Melissa's feet were scalded. He held Melissa in his arms and slammed the door shut with force. Then he strode into the hospital.

When one of the nurses who was on duty at the door saw Aaron coming, she walked up to him and explained, "Mr. Aaron, are you looking for Dean Sean? But he is having a meeting now. He might be too busy! "

Every time she saw Aaron holding this woman, she knew he must be here for Sean.

After a long time, his behavior was not strange in the hospital.

Aaron nodded and replied, "I'm fine. I just take her to the skin department. No need to disturb the scene. I'll take care of it myself. Go ahead with your business. "

He wouldn't ask Sean to solve everything for him. But he just instinctively thought that in A city, Sean's hospital was the most reliable, and in fact, it was true.

The most powerful medical enterprise in A city was the Liao Family, while the Shang family was the biggest one in B city.

Everyone knew about it.

The nurse was flattered with a smile. Then she nodded and bowed repeatedly. "Okay, if you need any help, please don't hesitate!"

Unexpectedly, Aaron was not that hard to get along with How could he be so polite.

She smiled shyly. When she was about to continue the conversation, she found that the previous seco

hen she nodded, put the document under her cushion, and closed her eyes.

She was so sleepy that she shook her head a little and soon fell asleep.

Aaron glanced at Melissa and rolled down the window and turned off the lights in the car. "Go to sleep if you're sleepy. I'll wake you up when I arrive," he said.

Melissa rubbed her eyes, nodded her head and went to sleep

After making sure that she was asleep, Aaron began to contact his men.

After he adjusted the Bluetooth headset, he dialed Jay's number. "Jay, this is Aaron. Now there was something wrong with the document. You can contact Lily later. Half an hour later, you two gather together at the intersection which is close to my home. We go directly to the side door of Brown's house and have a good talk. He tampered with the document. Yes, we don't need to bring too many people and keep the news secret. Just three of us go there. "

"Okay, Mr. Aaron. I got it. I will contact Lily right now. Okay. "

Aaron hung up the phone in a hurry. Then he tried to drive as steadily as possible so that he wouldn't wake up Melissa.

Since when had Aaron become so considerate? The answer was beyond Aaron's knowledge.

At a corner of a dark corner, ZERO's eyes shone thoughtfully

With his eyes closed, all he could think of was the sweet smile and friendly greetings of Melissa.

Reaching out his hand and putting out the cigarette end, ZERO's Adam's apple was rolling slightly. He said, "Melissa, if Aaron is dead, will you come to me and ask for my support?"

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