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   Chapter 142 Confession Of The Driver

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Was Sean really drunk or was he just pretending?

Aaron didn't come here yesterday. While Sean looked like he know nothing.

Shrugging, Aaron explained, "We didn't come over yesterday, because we were delayed by some things. Just in the morning Melissa was drinking milk and she suddenly felt sick. So I took her here for a check."

Hearing this, Sean smiled in embarrassment. Then he tidied up the messy table briefly in darkness, and then offered to help. "Well, I see. How about this? I'll go to the obstetrics and gynecology department with you to see if there's anything I can help. "

Since there was a guide, they would not reject, so Aaron did not refuse.

Besides, he had to have a private talk with Sean

Then they walked out side by side and smelt the alcohol that Sean gave off.

Melissa subconsciously covered her nose with one hand, and then stepped back for a few steps, trying to distance herself from Aaron and Sean. Judging from the look of disgust in her eyes, everyone knew what she was trying to avoid.

Aaron stopped and reached out his hand to block Sean's way, and then he said, "I know the way to gynecology. If you don't want your reputation to be ruined like this, take care of yourself and then come over. Besides I don't want Melissa to be uncomfortable because of you... "

The corners of Sean's mouth twitched a little. He wondered if Aaron was blaming him for making Melissa sick.

Sean shook his head and sighed that a lover is more important than a friend. Then he turned around and went back to his office.

He reached out his hands and pulled open the curtain. The dazzling sunshine immediately came into his eyes. Luckily he was prepared, so he quickly closed his eyes before the sun shone into his eyes.

Melissa gave an awkward smile. After all, the relationship between Aaron and Sean was not simple. And now, because of her, Aaron wanted to fall out with Sean

On the contrary, Aaron didn't seem to care about how scared she was. He held her waist and said with a little strength, "Don't worry. He was not the kind of person who cared about such things. If he cared about all these little trifles, then He can't survive. "

The subject was a bit serious, so Melissa didn't dare to ask any mor


The time passed away. When Sabina was about to follow them and figure out what was going on, she was stopped by a staff.

"I'm sorry. This is my work permit. I'm also an expert in medical science and my friend is taking a physical examination inside. Could you make an exception for me?" as Sabina fiddled with her bag, she took out her ID card and said.

Obviously, the nurse had also been told about this. Without hesitation, she directly refused and said, "I'm sorry, we're in A city, and the lady in this ward was specially ordered by our dean. If you really have something to tell her, you can wait until she finished the examination. "

Her words were impeccable and left no chance for anyone to refute.

That was exactly the reason why Sabina felt uneasy.

"Aaron, what did you mean by that? What do you mean by that? Do you know something or something happened to James? "

Last night he said that he would go out to buy some snacks, but after that he did not show himself for the whole night. She appeared in the hospital in the morning because of this. She originally planned to see if she could know something in Sean's hospital. It seemed that she did not come in vain! Aaron must know something.

Aaron spread his hands with an innocent look. "Who do you think I am? Do you think I need to know everyone's whereabouts? If you lose your man, what's the use of looking for me? "

After Aaron had laughed at her, he followed them into the ward, leaving Sabina looking stunned.

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