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   Chapter 63 Finished Exceptionally

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The look of nervousness on ZERO's face had been visibly relieved after he heard what Melissa said. At least he wasn't as sullen as he was a moment ago.

After carefully avoiding the wound on Melissa, ZERO helped her to move up a little and then said with a smile, "you're the first one who is terrified by your face and can still tell me something like that frankly."

Standing opposite to ZERO's words, Melissa didn't take them seriously. Instead, she reached out her hand and pinched ZERO's face gently. Then she smiled and said, "ZERO, it's lucky to have you here. Come and help me whenever I need help in the future. "

The fact was that Melissa was telling a joke, but she didn't know that ZERO had really remembered her words and used his whole life to fulfill his promise.

His eyes darkened and he smiled and answered, "I will. I will be there if you need me."

The atmosphere became awkward in an instant. Melissa didn't know what to say, so she lowered her head and leaned against his chest.

She could hear the strong heartbeat of ZERO.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of the heart suggested that he was restless.

Ten minutes later, Sean's office became quiet again.

At this moment, Sean was squatting in the corner and screaming with a swollen face.

Sean covered his nose with his hand and took a deep breath. Then he turned to Aaron and said, "Aaron, it's your fault. You didn't make it clear to me. Why did you blame it on me? You didn't tell me that you wouldn't perform the surgery for her. And according to your past habits, you should have no reason to let another woman bear your child. Moreover, she is just a toy. Don't tell me that... Do you have a crush on her? "

What Sean said was right. If it was in the past, Aaron would never have punched Sean so quickly. Sean was kind of unprepared.

Over the years, he had seen different kinds of Aaron. He had seen Aaron when he was angry, rigorous and even gentle. But he had never seen that Aaron could be so attracted to another woman.

Compared with Sean, Aaron was much calmer.

He stood up slowly, and then said impatiently, "I know, I don't need you to take care of this. But you'd better tell me before you do anything next time. I have overestimated our tacit understanding. "

Unexpectedly, Aaron rushed back and saw such an unpleasant scene.

When Aaron arrived at the door, the thought

heart to work and was not in the mood to care about the injuries all over her body.

In the afternoon, holding the hot milk brought by ZERO for her, Melissa was discussing with the people around them about the opening.

The oldest old man shook his head desperately. Then he explained, "Miss Melissa, you can't do that! We are workers. How could we do something like cutting? "

It was rare that Melissa was so determined.

She took a big sip of the hot milk in her hand and said seriously, "Why won't it be your turn? Everyone take a pair of scissors and cut the ribbon with me! "

From the beginning to now, they had put all their efforts into practice and she, Melissa, was fully aware of what was supposed to belong to them. Melissa would not corrupt anything. Money and honor. All of these were what they deserved!

The old man's face turned pale when he saw the determined look on Melissa's face.

The man kept trembling. After a while, he reached out his trembling hands and explained, "No, you can't. This has never happened before. No one asked workers to cut the ribbon. We can't do it! "

The speech became serious. Because of Melissa's excitement, the milk was thrown to the ground. "There's no need to talk about it. It's settled then. You have been with me and gone through a lot. Three months is not a long time, but also not a short time. You must pay for what you have done. Did the senior executive do anything about the project? They don't. The lunch box is also docked. I mean, they ate better than us. What qualifications do they have to participate in our glory? "

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