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   Chapter 62 A Princess Hug

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Seeing how shocked and influenced Melissa was, Sean was quietly sweating for her. While on the other hand, he was also speculating over what Aaron had just said.

Was he wrong?

But Aaron did tell him on the phone the other day that he would ask Melissa to have an abortion on the next day. He even had the operation arranged. But Melissa didn't come over. Was Aaron trying to deny?

With a frown, Sean looked confused.

There was a hint of unhappiness on the Aaron's face. He stood up and raised the Melissa's chin. "Woman, are you going to show me any mercy?" he said slowly.

There was an irresistible sternness in his eyes.

Melissa didn't resist. She said calmly, "Aaron, I don't care about anything. I can afford to lose my life."

Now she has nothing to lose. Fortunately, what she worried about were all solved.

Pursing his lips, Aaron laughed.

Then he pushed Melissa away. Patting the dust on his body, he said slowly, "The business plan will be finished in one month. If you can't show up personally... You'd better pray that everyone's life will be ruined along with you. That's it. You can do whatever you want to do. "

He was patient, but usually used in the right direction. Whatever Melissa wanted to do, that would depend on her own choice.

After these words, Aaron turned to look at Sean and said, "Sean, come with me. I have something to deal with you in private. "

'Crap!' Sean thought in his mind but he dared not say anything. He nodded and followed Aaron.

Aaron would not let the things of Melissa go so easily.

Scratching the back of his head, Sean looked distressed.

Melissa didn't get angry after being thrown to the ground.

She stood up slowly, and then cleared the dust off her body, bypassed Jill and left directly. As if nothing had happened just now, and she was just a passer-by.

Melissa walked on the streets aimlessly. There was a look of frustration on her face.

One of her shoes took off and she was barefoot on the stone, but she didn't feel it at all.

Somehow, Melissa's tears blurred her eyes. She looked up at the sky, but there was nothing as if it had just been washed.

She stretched her hand slowly into the air, trying to gr

looked away in embarrassment. She then made up a random excuse to cover her embarrassment. "In fact, I think it's good for me to walk by myself... Ha-ha... More exercise will help heal the wound. "

Looking at Melissa's gesture, ZERO seemed to have understood something.

Reaching out his hand, he held Melissa in his arms like she was a princess, and then strode out.

He was so shameless that he even forgot where Melissa's wound was. Moreover, he asked her to climb on his back in such a posture. It was obvious that he was tearing her wound, wasn't it? He just realized it now!

Melissa's body stiffed for a while. After she knew that ZERO had no evil intention, she felt relieved.

ZERO's peaked cap seemed to be a little lower than usual. Seeing that Melissa has been staring at his face as if he was not used to it, he then explained in a hoarse voice, "If you feel uncomfortable, put your arm up and adjust your position."

Melissa stretched out her hands and was about to circle his neck. But on her way to circle his neck, she changed the attacking position of her arm, reached out her hand and lifted the top of ZERO's hat. Under the astonished look of ZERO, Melissa put the hat on her head carefully.

"Sometimes you should go out to get some fresh air. I don't know how you got hurt, but if you keep it covered, the wound which should have been healed would also fester."

When Melissa explained, she smiled in a low voice. There was no malice in her smile.

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