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   Chapter 58 the End of the Battle

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No one knew if the medics were bad or if Melissa developed some antibodies. Melissa was supposed to be unconscious, but now she was exceptionally clear headed!

She obviously felt something strange, and her belly, which should have been slightly swollen, seemed to be dragged down by a magical force, as if to drag her into an endless abyss.

Melissa wanted to struggle and move, but she couldn't make it!

Tears were welling up in her eyes and wet her clothes.

The sense of falling from the lower abdomen became stronger and stronger, and the sense of inability of Wei became stronger and stronger.

'Aaron, why are you so cruel to me? You promised me that you would keep this child, but why did you ask another man to take the baby away from this cold operating table...'

Tears streamed down Melissa's cheeks. She lost her consciousness. Everything went well, and the child... Take out!

After the surgery, Sean took off his mask and threw it into a trash can. "You go to handle it. And the diet is ready. There shouldn't be any mistake. The price is not the problem. You can do the rest. I have something else to do."

Although the people around Sean felt a little suspicious, they couldn't say anything more and had to agree.

Apparently, they had an intimate relationship! However, no one dared to bring up the subject on their own initiative. They had no choice but to turn a blind eye to it.

But Aaron didn't know what had happened here! What's more, Aaron's words sounded different when Sean understood them.

The biggest blunder was that Aaron didn't inform Sean of what he had said afterwards. This caused the reunion between the two.

It was nearly evening when Melissa woke up. The effect of the anaesthetic had just subsided. When Melissa moved a little, she felt piercing pain in her body which made she drew a deep breath.

But it was also because of the pain that pulled her back to her senses.

The fragments of pictures flashed through her mind. Melissa clenched her fingers into a fist and trembled with fear.

She raised her hand stiffly and placed it on her lower abdomen. It didn't bloom, nor did it warm. Melissa's fingers were as cold as ice, and she began to tremble violently.



What Melissa said was right. The nurse was also a mother, so she knew Melissa's feeling. Perhaps it was difficult for her to fully understand Melissa. But that kind of pain was naturally unable to be expressed in words when her children left her.

Melissa turned her head stiffly and looked at the nurse asking, "What do you think?"

The woman lowered her head in silence for a long time.

Indeed, it would be very hurtful to speak it out.

The nurse heaved a sigh and patted on Melissa's shoulder, comforting, "Melissa, don't worry. There will be other babies in the world. I promise. We are skilled, so infertility will not happen. Please believe us. As a mother, I understand your feeling. Now you should take good care of yourself. If you fall ill now, you can't do anything in the future! "

Melissa kept silent, letting the old nurse push her down.

She was right. Her health was her own. It was useless to be angry now. It was better to choose the best way for herself in the future!

The old nurse's heart sank at the sight of the obedient Melissa.

She hoped that Melissa could let it out. It was much better than being rebellious. She saw her own shadow on Melissa.

Just as the old nurse was about to say something, she was surprised to find that the noisy Melissa had fainted.

She stared at her and smoothed back the sweat soaked hair of Melissa. She then said in a sympathetic tone, "You're right. Nobody can curse the surgeon so boldly after the surgery."

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