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   Chapter 51 a Traitor

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Depressed, Melissa looked up at the indifferent man as usual.

If it not been for the palpitation was too obvious, Melissa would have never sensed the existence of the gentle Aaron.

With her eyebrows knitted tightly, she took a glimpse of ZERO and pried, "I was wondering why you suddenly talked more... Is there anyone else here? "

As expected, when she mentioned the name of ZERO, the expression on Aaron's face suddenly changed. He looked as vigilant as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

"You and he..."

Aaron suddenly pressed his big hand against Melissa's throat and forced it a little bit. When her face turned red, he threatened, "You'd better shut up. You are just a toy. Don't forget the result three months later. What's more, do you think you are qualified to be pregnant with my child? You need to have an abortion tomorrow. After I am tired of you, you will be useless. "

The dangerous glint in his eyes made Melissa's perception expanded to the extreme in a flash.

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Melissa knows that the man in front of her is extremely unstable. Then she chose to compromise. "I... I see. "

Aaron let out a cold hum before letting go of his hand.

It was so close... He was going to ask Melissa to stay with his child.

What happened to him?

Aaron reached out a hand and rubbed the spot between his eyebrows, trying to make himself sober up.

Holding his breath, Aaron waved his hand impatiently and said, "It's all right. You go. I hope tomorrow I will see a miscarriage report. "

Then he left the stunned Melissa without hesitation.

Stunned, Melissa stared at his back and muttered, "What the hell is going on with Aaron?"

Didn't he want the baby?

Melissa's eyes drooped. She was extremely upset. At the beginning, Aaron rushed to the construction site and told ZERO that she was still pregnant. Melissa was joyful without doubt. Unfortunately, that joy only lasted for a moment before it was completely shattered by his own hands.

Melissa's body trembled slightly under the sun and then she bit her lips and murmured, "You are so cruel, Aaron Mu. You are really so cruel. A toy also has self-esteem, doesn't it? This is my child, how can I

her youth with the old man, but now he was dead, and even gave the money to someone else.

She clenched her teeth and stared forward with resentment. "There must be something wrong. No, I have to go and confirm it again. He must have left a penny to us! "

After the matter had been confirmed, it instantly caused a tumult. Meanwhile in the Aaron's villa, Sean was a little drunk.

He raised his head and drank all the wine in the goblet. Then he looked at Aaron in a daze and said, "If we are not on the same side with them, I am afraid that it is not so easy to deceive them... Let me ask you, who gave you the drug this time, and it's not enough. When I took it out, there was almost half of the medicine didn't dissolved. "

He had been wondering for the whole afternoon, because it seemed that Aaron would never do such a stupid mistake. When he finally got rid of those annoying reporters, Sean rushed here.

And Aaron seemed to have foreseen his coming, so they had dinner together when Sean arrived.

Slightly shaking his own glass, Aaron didn't drink all the wine. Instead, he put the wine on the ground, and said, "My side... Traitor. "

A traitor?

When Sean who was a little drunk before heard these words, suddenly looked up at Aaron's position, as if he was infuriated by others. He wanted to get the answer from Aaron.

Aaron waved his hand. It seemed that he was not in a good mood. "I don't know exactly who the mastermind is. I just don't have any solid evidence."

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