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   Chapter 50 the Encounter

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Aaron didn't hide his hostility. He reached out his hand and wrapped it around the peaked · cap's shoulder. With a defiant look in Aaron's eyes, he said, "ZERO, you have a good mood, don't you?"

The pain coming from his shoulder was unbearable, but in front of Melissa, ZERO could do nothing but frown without saying a word.

Upon seeing Aaron coming, Melissa was taken aback. She caught a glimpse of them and sensed a smell of gunpowder. She immediately stood out and explained, "Mr. Mu, don't get me wrong. I just felt dizzy and almost fell down, so he came to help me. If it weren't for him, I would have fallen to the ground. "

But Melissa didn't know that the more she explained, the more it felt like she was concealing something to Aaron. The bad thing was becoming worse and worse.

Aaron ignored the word of Melissa and increased his strength of his hand. Melissa even heard the sound of breaking bones. Her body froze all of a sudden.

This man was really dangerous!

He raised his eyebrows and then stared at the man in peaked cap and said, "ZERO, now that I am here, do you still want to support her?"

Looking at his frowning face, Melissa felt pain foe him. She had "tasted" Aaron's strength before.

Melissa trembled a little and quickly reached out her hand to stop them from talking, "Mr. Mu, you are here to check the progress, aren't you? Don't worry, just as I predicted, your progress is very successful. And you might have mistaken someone else for someone else. The man in front of you isn't someone called ZERO. His name is... By the way, what's your name? "

With these words, Melissa turned her head seriously to the direction of the man, her face filled with inquiring expressions of great dullness.

The expression on the Aaron's face changed. Was Melissa too naive or too foolish?

He took his hand back slowly, but turned to look at Melissa's waist. Aaron pacified her with a little strength before he explained, "You'd better not get involved in this matter. Do you really think this man is as simple as you think?"

It was by no means a coincidence that ZERO would be here! At least, Aaron thought so. This man was as dangerous as Aaron, and that was one of the reasons why Aaron was so nervous about his existence.


ou are already a mother. Don't do such a dangerous thing again. Impolite! "

Although Aaron's voice was not loud, it was enough to reach the ears of the people around him.

All of a sudden, everyone's eyes fell on Aaron and Melissa.

Did they hear it wrong? Melissa and Aaron were a couple now?

And this time, someone who was surprised included ZERO.

But his reaction was faster than everyone had imagined. Before Melissa could find out the ins and outs of the matter, ZERO had already turned around and returned to his desk, ignoring everything.

Melissa was quite embarrassed. She could now more or less guess something.

Then she turned to the workers around with apologies on her face, bowed respectfully and apologized, "I'm really sorry for delaying time. You may continue your work first. I have something personal to deal with. "

No one dared to refute. The doubts in the beginning disappeared after Melissa finished her words.

With a straight face, Melissa reached out and grabbed the collar of Aaron. She went to the gate of the construction site and stomped, "Mr. Mu, what do you mean? I'm working now, not here to play games with you. "

She looked like an angry kitten as she waved her little hands. She was so cute.

The tenderness on the face of Aaron was not the same as before. In the blink of an eye, he was grabbed by another man and pressed Melissa's jaw. "Melissa... You seem to have forgotten that I am your master. You can't tell me what to do without my permission. "

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