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   Chapter 49 Feeling Uncomfortable In The Sun

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With her face turning red with anger, Alice shook her head and denied, "What? Grandpa, No. Yesterday I didn't have any relationship with any man named Aaron. I just told him not to smoke in the hospital. Wait... Grandpa, what's the name of the man you just said? "

But when Alice just spoke half of it, she stiffened and asked again after she sorted out her thoughts.

Alice's grandfather was exasperated at his granddaughter's failure to live up to the expectations of him. He stomped on the floor and continued, "Aaron Mu! Do you think Sean will be deceived by the wrong person? I do know their relationship."

If it was really that man, they were in trouble!

The color drained from the face of Alice. She shivered for a long time and said, "I... I didn't know that man was Aaron. I didn't expect that Aaron would come here at this time. I once heard they were good friends, but yesterday they talked to each other as if they were threats... "

Mr. Shu probably guessed something. He had to keep his identity down a little. Then he turned to Sean with a fawning face and said, "Look at my granddaughter, she is too young to understand anything. But Sean, please help me plead for Aaron with such a young and inexperienced girl? You know that man. I'm afraid... "

The sudden change of Mr. Shu's attitude made Sean somewhat uneasy.

Turning his head, Sean smiled perfunctorily and said, "Don't worry. He said he wouldn't do anything to your granddaughter yesterday. But don't do the same thing again. Otherwise, even I can't save her."

Hearing this, Mr. Shu felt relieved. He gave a smile, and then waved his hand, as if he was a little tired. "I don't feel very well today. How about you come to our house and have a meal together on a good day? We can discuss something."

With a smile on his lips, Sean put on his cunning smile again and said, "If you don't feel well, I can offer you all the services here."

That was a lame excuse. It is know that what Sean stayed was the hospital. Would Mr. Shu be able to resolve his uncomfortableness?

As his excuses were broken, Mr. Shu didn't respond. He just smiled awkwardly.

When Alice Shu was still in shock, Mr. Shu reached out her hand and pulled her towards the door. On the way to the door, he said, "I'll take her home

But this was something that other boss would never understand!

Dripping with sweat, Melissa only felt a little dizzy after walking for a while. Her body shook a little, and her legs went limp and she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the man in peaked cap was quick to react by using his hands and feet.

Reaching out his hand, he held Melissa in his arms.

The mixed smell of earth and some other disgusting odor mixed and went into the nasal cavity of Melissa. She felt queasy.

But for the man's sake, Melissa was afraid that he might misunderstand her, so she forced herself to suppress this feeling. She then smiled and said, "I don't know if I feel a little uncomfortable after standing under the sun for too long. Thank you!"

In the face of her gratitude, the man seemed to be shy. He lowered the cap a little again and said in a deep voice, "Nothing. If you can't stand it, go to rest. There is no benefit in forcing yourself to do so. Let me help you. "

Melissa replied cheerfully, "I'm glad to have a rest."

Melissa would ask him for help if he didn't say anything, because she was drained of energy.

Seeing all this, Aaron who was not far away, looked at them in silence. From his point of view, it was ZERO who intentionally stared at Melissa and wanted to make some bad plans on her while he was away!

But since he was here, he would not let it happen!

After making up his mind, Aaron walked up to them in a hurry and blocked their way.

A war was on the verge of breaking out!

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