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   Chapter 48 Pregnancy

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It was almost six o'clock in the evening when Aaron finally finished his dinner and took a bath.

He also seemed to be too tired, so he forgot about the paper that Melissa gave him earlier. He opened the door, held Melissa in his arms, and then fell asleep with her.

When he woke up, he found that Melissa had gone for a long time.

Frowning slightly, Aaron felt a sense of loss.

Fortunately, he was not a sentimental person, and he did not continue to stay in bed after opening his eyes.

He quickly stood up and had a simple wash before sitting down in the hall. It seemed that Melissa had expected that Aaron would be on the couch, so she placed a heat preservation box on the table. It was warm breakfast.

With a smile on his lips, Aaron's heart softened.

He turned on the TV and turned to the economic channel. Then he began to taste the breakfast that Melissa had personally prepared for him.

Just as he was slowly eating the porridge, Aaron suddenly remembered the scene of Melissa yesterday whose eyes were red. Then he remembered the things he had forgotten.

Then his eyes fell slowly to the corner.

Aaron stretched out his slender fingers to pick up the piece of paper easily.

It was pregnancy.

The moment he saw the word pregnancy, the tension in the body of Aaron rose. He started to read carefully from beginning to end.

Is Melissa pregnant? How could this be possible? They had been together for only two months.

While he was confused, Aaron finished reading the report.

The First Affiliated Hospital. The report must be real!

He quickly dialed Sean's phone number, put the phone on the table and cut to the chase, "I'm Aaron. Sean, do you have the B-ultrasound examination record? "

Sean had thought it was an emergency, but he was relieved when he heard Aaron's words. "Are you going to tell me which woman was pregnant and you doesn't want it? How soon did you find someone to kill her? "

Although Sean said so, he started to check the records carefully. Aaron would never ask him to do such a thing for no reason. There was only one reason. He wanted to know something!

Without any hesitation, S

Sean wary.

With a poker face, the grandfather of Alice Shu walked in and said solemnly, "Sean, don't you welcome me?"

If he hadn't seen Alice's swollen face, he would never have believed that it was Sean who did it. In this circle, though Sean was a bit more concerned, he was gentle with women. Today, he just came here to find out the truth of the whole thing.

If so, he would not let his granddaughter be bullied by others!

Shrugging his shoulders, Sean adjusted his mood and smiled. "I admit it. But there is a reason for it. I hope you investigate it yourself. If it weren't for me, your dear granddaughter might not be able to stand beside you like this. "

He didn't just exaggerate the situation. In his opinion, everyone present knew what kind of person Aaron was!

Seeing Sean behave as if something had happened, Alice's angry grandfather also felt the strange atmosphere. He then came forward and asked, "What do you mean?"

His face was not as tense as before, which relieved Sean.

He was a simple man who did everything for commercial benefits. He would never make enemies if he became a partner.

Hearing this, Sean glanced at Alice with a hint of contempt. And then he continued, "Aaron Mu, yesterday your granddaughter provoke him. Mr. Shu (Alice's grandfather), tell me, what would you do if it were you?"

Aaron Mu?

As expected, Mr. Shu turned pale immediately. He turned stiffly to look at Alice Shu.

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