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   Chapter 45 The Matter About Mr. Six

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After hearing Mr. Six's words, the smile on Aaron's face became more and more obvious.

He had to admit that Mr. Six was very good at vigilance. But after all, he was no match for Aaron.

Aaron sat down slowly, and shook his slender legs leisurely. "Are you sure the people around you are not my people from the beginning?" he asked casually.

The words made Mr. Six frozen in an instant.

He turned his head mechanically and looked at the people on the ground. They were supposed to be familiar faces, but now there were only a few people left. But none of the people who were attacking them was familiar to him.

All of a sudden, Mr. Six lost all his strength and slumped onto the ground, at a loss what to do. He raised his head and looked into the direction where Aaron was. Mr. Six was so scared that he could say anything.

Pursing her lips, Aaron took a piece of paper from his staff, pounded it heavily on the table and said, "Can't you take it? Please sign it. My time is limited. It's not worth it to waste on you. "

That cup of coffee wasn't free. If Aaron drank the coffee of the shop owned by Mr. Six, Mr. Six would have to pay the price. All his property and ingot belonged to Aaron!

Mr. Six's face was as pale as paper. After reading the terms of the agreement, he couldn't hold back his anger anymore.

He thumped the table hard with his hand before shaking his head and refusing, "No, I will never sign it. Aaron Mu! You devil! Devil! "

Mr. Six had been doing his utmost to save his money. Although sometimes he had received some mistresses through improper means, they were gradually put into use by him after all. Now he had to use them all just for one thing, no one would agree to it.

Aaron stood up lazily, while looked down at Mr. Six.

He kicked Mr. Six away in disgust before shaking his head. "You have no right to choose. I'll leave it to you. Don't get the object dirty. You can decide the other things on your own. "

"Yes, sir!"

The man in the black suit tacitly answered. Their steps were so precise that people could not help but get nervous.

After a few groans, the people who were still struggling desperately collapsed in an instant. On the other hand, the sense of uneasiness in Mr. Six's heart became even stronger after he saw that his fellow was killed in an instant.

t woman should have paid for what she had done years ago. There were too many people involved in this matter, including Melissa..."

Sean stammered in shock. After a while, he seemed to have understood what was going on and said, "Melissa?" Is she the child who was framed many years ago? "

Aaron nodded, confirming Sean's guess. Both of them looked helpless.

"This is what we call karma!"

At last, Sean had no choice but to draw a conclusion. He shook his head and there was silence in the office.

After hearing this, Aaron Mu lit a cigarette without hesitation, but Sean didn't stop him.

Sean's secretary broke the silence after half an hour.

When the secretary opened the door and came in, she smelled the heavy smell of cigarette. She frowned and walked up to the front of Aaron. She half bent over and took the cigarette away from Aaron's hand. "Sir, this is hospital. Please don't smoke here. It is bad for patients' health."

Sean's face turned ghastly pale in an instant, and what happened in front of him tacitly was the case with Aaron.

Sean thumped his desk hard and stood up straight, then he pointed at the secretary and said, "At this time, do you think you are free to come in here? Get out of here right now!"

He must find an excuse for his secretary before Aaron lost his temper.

The young secretary was too young to understand what Sean was talking about. Instead, she asked seriously, "Director, how could you tolerate him? Hospital is such a serious place. How could the hospital get infected just because of him? "

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