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   Chapter 44 Seven Billion

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Rolling down the car window a little, Aaron rubbed the corners of his eyes a little tiredly and said slowly, "Don't ask me. Check it by yourself."

Melissa said yes and then she leaned forward and read the file intently.

Suddenly, the lights in the car were turned on by Aaron. Melissa gave him a grateful smile and read carefully.

With her eyebrows twisted, she then pinched her own thighs and said, "How could it be possible? I have always been responsible for this matter. If the land was not intended to develop at the beginning, what should I be responsible for?"

If it was a dream, it must be a nightmare for her. Melissa hoped that she could wake up soon.

Facing her talking to herself, Aaron felt it was funny.

The whole thing was done by Rebecca herself. How could Melissa know about it?

Aaron slowed down the speed a little and then opened his mouth. "If you know, you'll never be called Melissa."

With a frown, Melissa read the plan with a gloomy face.

It turned out that he didn't really come here for the cake or something. He just wanted to get it from Rebecca?

It seemed that Aaron was not a bad person...

Raising the corner of her lips, Melissa squinted and looked at the direction where Aaron was. "Is that why you took me here today?" she asked.

Melissa shook the paper in her hand initiatively, as if she was afraid that Aaron was unable to see it. She seemed to be proud.

Seeing her like this, Aaron's restless heart calmed down a lot. He raised his lips and looked defiantly at Melissa. "Do you think you have the ability to make me do things?"

As he expected, the overjoyed Melissa turned to be like a deflated eggplant, shriveling in spirits.

Melissa put the things in her hands away carefully in confusion. Then she looked at Aaron. "Then you... Why did you do that? "

There was a touch of confusion and doubt in her eyes.

He made a full turn of the steering wheel and shouted, "It's not your business to judge what I'm doing, is it? How can my belongings be taken away by others secretly? You only need to remember that I will check the achievement three months later. You shouldn't take the rest into consideration."

Feeling sh

with me, I will be in a dilemma. Anyway, I just came here to make a living. I can't go back without anything, right? "

He had made it clear that Aaron wouldn't leave without giving the money!

Aaron frowned and his fingers tightened a little. Then he said with a smile, "It seems that there is nothing to talk about between us."

But his smile was more frightening than that Mr. Six's.

All of a sudden, Aaron stood up from the couch in a flash, which astonished everyone. While Mr. Six, who seemed very nervous, stepped back a few steps before stammering, "Mr. Aaron... What... What do you want to do? "

After finishing the coffee in the cup, Aaron said smilingly, "I don't like being threatened. Mr. Six, you'd better think twice before coming here to make a deal with me next time. I was going to give you a way out. Since you don't want it anymore, why should I be so stubborn?"

He then made one hand to free the coffee cup.

The next second, the coffee cup hit the floor and fell to pieces. At the same time, the door that should be closed was broken in the next second. In the blink of an eye, the entire room was quickly suppressed by the people of Aaron.

While Mr. Six could only look at Aaron with his eyes widened and mouth agape.

His face was full of trepidation. He took a few steps back before he trembled and said, "It's impossible. I've already asked people around to arrange well. It's impossible that your people will appear!"

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