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   Chapter 43 Suppress the Auction

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Updated: 2020-03-22 00:13

She used to be an elegant lady, but now, she wasn't elegant at all.

With red eyes, Gina strode up to them, grabbed the other hand of Melissa and said, "Aaron. What do you mean? It's okay that you humiliate me in front of me, but why do you do it in front of so many people? It's okay that you don't like me, but you can't trample on my feelings! I'm Gina, a respected person. How could you do this to me?"

The man was supposed to be hers. But why was Melissa able to lie in his arms, talk to him and enjoy the gentleness that Aaron gave?

It ought to be her who should stand there! It should be her, Gina!

Displeased, Aaron turned his body to the other side rudely. Then he pulled the woman pulling Melissa by her sleeve and Melissa to another side. He said coldly, "I don't want to say the same sentence a few more times. From now on, Melissa is mine. If you plan to do something to her, you'd better think twice. Once I find out, the consequences will be disastrous! Well, it's time to tell me your answer, Rebecca. You haven't been tortured to death by guilt for these years. It's so lucky of you. "

Although Melissa was only a toy to him, he couldn't allow anyone to touch her.

Melissa gently rubbed her aching arm. She bit her lower lip and didn't utter a word. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Finally, like a defeated cock, Rebecca half crouched down on the ground, depressed. She had to compromise and said, "I see. I'll give you the document. I'm not going to bid for that land any more... "

But Aaron didn't leave right away after he got what he wanted. Instead, Aaron took out a seal and a file from the inner side of the collar of his shirt, walked up to her and said, "I've always been careful, and the oral promises are unrealistic. Sign it. I'll leave after you sign it."

Staring at the file, Rebecca surely felt bad, but she had no choice but to compromise.

She signed her name on the paper and handed it in reluctantly.

After looking through all the information carefully, Aaron was sure that Rebecca didn't do anything superfluous. So he said, "It won't be so easy. I will send you to the t

ight, Aaron, you are really strange. Is your mother really murdered? Is that the life between the rich and powerful families? "

The world of Aaron was even more complicated than she thought. There were some things that Melissa would never understand.

Hearing that, Aaron lost calmness and got furious in an instant. He was like a cat being stepped on its tail.

He tightly held the steering wheel with his fingers, and then made a creaking sound, which made Melissa uncomfortable.

While she was hesitating if she should apologize and change the topic, Aaron stepped the gas directly to the limit and roared, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. You are just a toy. "

Melissa lowered her head quickly and apologized, "I... I'm sorry... I know. I will never mention it again! "

After saying okay, Aaron reached out his hand and gave the paper that signed by Rebecca to Melissa. Then he started driving silently.

The light in the car was very dim, so it's not easy for Melissa to recognize what was written on it.

Her mouth was wide open as if it could put several eggs in at one time.

She turned around in surprise and looked at Aaron. Then she said in a hurry, "What... Isn't this my project? Why have it been bought?"

Didn't this project have been given to her? Why was there someone auctioning the land without her knowing. Without Aaron had given her the file, she would still know nothing about it!

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