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   Chapter 41 Loneliness

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Aaron narrowed his eyes and looked at Melissa. It seemed that he was a little unhappy about her talking too much.

After a short pause, he reached out his hand and greeted the waiter.

Taking two bottles of champagne, Aaron opened a bottle for himself and slowly filled it with wine. Then he looked up at Melissa and said, "Don't ask me too much. How much can you drink?"

"Today is your birthday. If you drink too much, would you..."

"Nonsense! Nonsense!"

Aaron interrupted Melissa impatiently. Then, instead of talking to her, Aaron started to drink. The movement and frequency let Melissa tremble with fear. He was not drinking, but simply risking his life?

"I say..."

"Shut up."

The atmosphere was odd. Melissa could only stare at Aaron hurt his body.

Instead of waiting like this, Melissa chose to take actions.

She stood up and waved to the waiter. Then she asked, "Are you sure it's okay? Can you bring me a hot towel and warm water? If possible, please bring me some drug to resist the alcohol. I'm afraid that he can't take it later. "

"Okay. I'll go get it for you right now. Wait for a moment! "

The waiter promised readily and acted surprisingly quickly.

It only took Melissa one minute to get all the things needed.

She thanked Ron meekly and turned to James mu.

She reached out and grabbed his ear. Taking advantage of his drunkenness, Melissa began to take her little revenge.

Although she was a little unhappy, she didn't stop.

While wiping Aaron's face, she said in a low voice, "You always tease me. Now you have to pay the price. I was the only one who was be with you when you were in a coma."

However, there was one thing that she didn't know. How could a person who could drink so much as Aaron, be in coma only by a bottle of champagne?

Hearing Melissa's reproachful words, Aaron felt warm in his heart.

"I'm here. Come here. Mr. Aaron has already eaten. Hey, who are you? Hurry up. If your hands made Mr. Aaron dirty, what should we do?"

A large group of ladies scurried towards Aaron, and then they stood in front Melissa, making fun of her.


Melissa then followed their gazes and looked to the direction of their gazes.

She would not know if she didn't look at it, but when she looked at it, she was startled.

Melissa flushed scarlet with shyness.

If they hadn't reminded her, Melissa forgot that she had been working on the construction site all the time. How could it be clean in a construction site? Her clothes had been neat before, but now they were covered with dust and mud of various colors.

The thought of the neat freak on Aaron made Melissa's blood freeze. If Aaron was sober, the

patted him on the back, trying to give him some warmth.

As she felt her hand was about to sore, Aaron held her even tighter. "My mother came here today to ask me to marry Gina." he said.


Being surprised, but she didn't speak. Because Aaron seemed to have more to say!

Sure enough, about a minute later, Aaron thought again, "That woman is not my biological mother. My mother was murdered because of a woman framed by me... And she was forced to kill herself indirectly."

His words were profound. They came round and round, making Melissa feel dizzy.

Looking at her muddled appearance, Aaron gradually softened his attitude and said, "Listen to me, Melissa. I know everything you want to know. That's right. I was the one who did something to the takeout that you wanted. I will give you one more chance. If you can get what I want tonight, I will grant some funds to extend your project. If you can't... "

Before Aaron could finish his words, Melissa said confidently, "What is it? Tell me. As long as it doesn't go against morality! "

Aaron took a look at Melissa as he appreciated her. Then he leaned forward a little and whispered to her ears.

On the other side, Gina stood aside and witnessed all this silently. She gritted her teeth and turned around. She started complaining as she walked towards Aaron's mother.

With tears streaming down her face, Gina grabbed Aaron's mother and said, "Aunt, that bitch has stolen Aaron's heart away from me. He won't listen to me no matter what I say. Sometimes, he did something bad to me. But I don't blame him. I know it's all that woman's fault! Aunt, please uphold justice for me. You know, I have always been fond of Aaron. And it will be better for our two families to unite by marriage. Don't you think so?"

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