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   Chapter 40 Happy Birthday

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Surprised, Melissa stepped forward and said, "Mr. Aaron? What are you doing here? "

Was he here to ask something about the takeout? It happened that she was also confused about this matter. At this time, his coming saves Melissa's time and effort.

Not answering Melissa's question, Aaron pointed to the passenger seat and said slowly, "Get in the car."

But it didn't mean that Melissa had the same thought.

She quickly leaned her head in, and then pressed her hand against the car window of Aaron. She said urgently, "Wait, Mr. Aaron, I have something to tell you. Why didn't you provide the workers in the construction site with takeout? Should they suffer because I have a conflict with you?"

Frowning, Aaron rolled up the car window a little, so Melissa's neck was stuck.Then Aaron said coldly, "Get in the car."

He didn't like to repeat a word for several times to others, including Melissa.

Looking at his insistence, Melissa got furious. She slapped the window and yelled, "Aaron! Answer my question! You shouldn't have made a fuss about it. Tell me why! Hum..."

Before she could finish her words, Melissa felt her neck tightened.

She opened her eyes wider, only to find that it was Aaron who had rolled up the window. A little bit of force was used to lock her head in a gap.

She was almost suffocated to death. Melissa stomped her feet and demanded, "Let me go! Aaron! Let me go! You hurt me! "

Seeing her suffering, Aaron didn't show any pity for her. He stepped on the gas and the car moved a few steps forward slowly.

Seeing her skin turned red, then purple, Aaron stopped and rolled down the window. "Melissa, don't forget your current identity. The whole planning department is nothing but a whine. I can finish it at any time if I

en through.

Melissa giggled in a low voice. Her depression cleared up.

If she didn't think wrong, Aaron was avoiding something? The more people wanted to conceal something, the more curious others became. Without doubt, Melissa was such a person.

The man with an angry look on his face walked up to them and said, "you are really a contradictory person. I won't blame you. It's normal for everyone to have their own secrets! "

The house was surrounded by some exquisite decorations. Today, the leading person was sitting quietly at the corner alone, without saying anything. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Sitting next to him, Melissa touched her chin with her left hand. Then she stared at Aaron and said unhappily, "What's wrong? Why do you look unhappy? And Aaron, didn't you just say that you would take me to have dinner? Do you mean this?"

She didn't think Aaron would be such a boring person. Judging from his character, he wouldn't have such a gathering. What's more, if she remembered correctly, the time she was sold to Aaron was going to celebrate his birthday, wasn't it? Can a person celebrate birthday at the same time so many times in a year?

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