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   Chapter 36 You Are Welcome

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Seeing how Melissa responded, Aaron was amused.

If it was what he wanted, so what if it was a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars? There was nothing he couldn't get as long as he wanted.

His lips curled into a smile. He stared at the receding figures of Melissa and taunted, "I'd like to see what tricks you're going to play on me."

Melissa didn't know Aaron's next plan. After Melissa walked out of the villa, she hailed a taxi and rushed to the construction site.

It was noon and the sun was shining brightly. Melissa's fair skin looked a little tanned, but her beauty wasn't affected at all.

She pulled her collar a little further, and then made a hand to fan herself, trying to dispel the heat.

It was not until half an hour later that Melissa got off in a hurry.

And on the construction site, everyone had the time to do their work. Their progress was not affected at all by the late arrival of Melissa.

Melissa strode forward, bowed to the crowd and then apologized, "I'm sorry for being late."

She specially magnified her voice several times so that everyone could hear it.

A middle-aged man stopped what he was doing for a moment. He grinned at Melissa and said, "Miss Melissa, you came a little late today. Are you sick? If you are not feeling well, don't force yourself to come. You have already arranged it well. You only need to see the result. "

In the face of Aaron's relationship, Melissa was not sentimental. So she just combed her hair into a bun and replied generously, "nothing. I was delayed by something on my way here. Thank you everyone's hard work! I will treat you a big meal after the completion of the project! You are all working here. How can I slack off. You may continue to do your jobs. If I have any questions, I will ask you one more time! "

It was just a simple movement and it didn't seem to have anything to do with her. But Melissa didn't know that her inadvertent move had at

ront and pulled Melissa into his arms without saying anything.

It was evident that Melissa didn't expect that Aaron would suddenly appear here. She stumbled and directly fell into the arms of Aaron. The cold water flowed down from her chest.

Melissa's body stiffened in an instant, and then she raised her head with difficulty to look at the face of Aaron. She subconsciously shivered.

Why met this cold faced Yama at this particular time...

Aaron increased his strength to fall on the waist of Melissa, causing a suspicious flush on her face. She even waved her hand, trying to pull his strong arm off, but in vain.

Looking at the confused eyes of the people around, Melissa said in a louder voice, "Aaron... Aaron Mu! "

They were in a public place, not his home. Naturally he shouldn't have acted so "over zealous".

However, it seemed that Aaron didn't understand the meaning of Melissa's words. He leaned over and kissed Melissa's lips.

His hand moved up slowly and then stopped at the back of the head of Melissa. He pressed forward forcefully and said with a lisp, "I let you out for work, not to let you talk to other men around, understand?"

The men's eyes were so clear. Couldn't Melissa see?

If he didn't come here in time, something bad would happen in another day.

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