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   Chapter 35 Make Good Use of This Opportunity

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After the negotiation with international group last time, a good image of Melissa was formed in the company. Many people who thought she was just a vase marveled at her talent.

It is only because of the sake of her working attitude and seriousness.

How many young girls would expose themselves in the sun to go back?

That's exactly what Melissa did. She not only came to the spot, but also discussed with the construction workers about how to build. She did everything in person. Having not seen her for a week, Aaron only felt that she was like a homeless brought back from Africa.

Her white, smooth skin now stained with a little dark. If Aaron had not finished a business deal yesterday and happened to come back and run into Melissa who was about to go out, he would hardly recognize that this woman was his pillow.

Aaron blocked the door in a playful manner. Looking up and down at the woman in front of him, Aaron said jokingly, "Melissa, you have dealt with this matter in person, haven't you?"

His original plan was to make things difficult for Melissa. But he didn't expect that she would actually agree to this hard-working and thankless task. Moreover, the task would last for half a year. This process was impossible. But this woman...

Melissa curled her lips and played with her hair casually. Then she stood up and said, "Mr. Mu, you don't have to worry about this matter. How can you know it if you don't give it a try?"

The smile on her lips was so beautiful that it took Aaron a while to react.

But Melissa ignored him, reached out her hand, pushed him away and tried to walk out of the room.

But Melissa didn't expect that her soft hand would be grabbed tightly by Aaron. Then Aaron lifted her hand upward with great strength.

They hadn't seen each other for a week. He missed her body with a light fragrance a lot.


ny time after he gave the order. However, seeing the confident look on Melissa's face, Aaron started to hesitate.

If this plan succeeded, it would be a happy thing. But if it failed, both the energy and money that had been put in it would be wasted. That was why he wanted to know more about Melissa. For the rest of his life, he was confident that there was no need to fail.

Looking at her unconcerned expression, Aaron was somewhat displeased.

He walked up to the front, frivolously held the shoulder of Melissa from the back, and then slowly said, "There is no need to do this. You'd better come back and continue to fulfill your duty. We don't have to make trouble. "

Aaron had had sex with Melissa once, but when smelling the light fragrance on her body, Aaron got restless again.

Realizing the intention of Aaron, Melissa reacted quickly. She half crouched and bent over. Then she escaped from Aaron's arms like a loach.

Her face was still a little red because of the restlessness. She tried to step back a little, then she raised her professional smile and said, "Mr. Mu, please behave yourself. I have signed a contract with you. I should be your secretary no matter what happened? I'm sorry. I'm busy now. See you later. "

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