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   Chapter 34 a Fight

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It had been more than a week since Melissa came to the company of Aaron. Melissa had suffered a lot since she moved there.

She was a quick learner and was well behaved. With the favor of many people, she finally settled down.

On this day, Melissa was reading through the latest schedule in her office and calmly arranging the appointment.

"The meeting is at 9 a.m. After that, there is a meeting with Mr. Li at 12 a.m. and we will go to the auction house at 2 p.m..." And this one... "

Melissa ran her loose hair behind her ear and murmured. She didn't know that her movements were all seen by Aaron.

The internal call got through just as Melissa worked out the plan.

She didn't dare to make it clear because she knew that only the CEO office could make this internal call.

"A cup of Blue Mountain Coffee without ice, now."

"Yes, boss!"

After waiting for Aaron to hang up, Melissa turned around and walked to the tea room next door.

All these things should have been prepared in the tea room, but Christine did not tell Melissa about these things on that day. It caused a lot of trouble.

When Melissa found Christine and asked about the coffee, she said she forgot about it and looked serious as if she wasn't joking. Melissa couldn't blame her.

But after that, Melissa became more and more cautious, and she was almost flawless. Even Aaron had to restrain his anger.

With a professional smile, Melissa handed over the documents she had just collected and then said strictly, "Mr. Mu, you have a land negotiation meeting at 9:00 this morning to hold on the twelfth floor of the company. There are still 20 minutes left before you attended the meeting. These are all the materials you requested yesterday. Please check them!"

Her expression didn't change at all. On the contrary, she looked more mature and confident.

Looking like a king who looked down upon the world, Aaron got flu

udder with fear. Even though Aaron was smiling, it didn't mean that he meant it from the bottom of his heart!

He slowly stood up from his seat, and then looked at Melissa in a playful manner. "It's easy to say, but it won't make any difference if it's really going on. My secretary, Miss Melissa."

This woman was more outstanding than he had imagined. But when so many people fixed their eyes on her, his heart could not hold back his anger.

Aaron's look of disbelief and contempt prompted Melissa to back up. Melissa then regained her pride and said, "I can promise you I won't make any mistakes! I can sign the contract. "

Melissa didn't know that her unintentional move caused many men to swallow hard unconsciously.

There was a rush of coldness in Aaron's eyes. He wished he could cut Melissa into pieces.

Forcing a smile on his face, Aaron stepped forward and held Melissa's hand. "Okay, then come to my office later, and we'll discuss how to get out of here," Aaron said with a sneer.

There is an overtone in his words. But Melissa had to smile stiffly before she was dragged into the mire.

Amid applause and unreal compliments, Aaron and Melissa slowly disappeared from everyone's sight.

On the other side, there was an immediate scene of excitement.

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