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   Chapter 33 Being a Secretary

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Melissa woke from a nightmare just before dawn.

She stretched out her hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Then Melissa struggled to sit up.

The unfamiliar room inexplicably made her heart pound.

However, she felt a little bit relieved when she saw the sunken backs around her.

When she reached out her hands to touch, she found that her body was sore and painful as if it would be torn apart if she moved a little.

With a weird smile on his face, Aaron turned to look at Melissa. He said gently, "From now on, you are my secretary. You will be employed by my company. You will get a handsome reward."

As her body was not so comfortable, she had no choice but to nod in agreement.

His simple words began to sharpen her spirit.

Up to now, Melissa still didn't understand why Aaron kept her by his side. Didn't he dislike her when they first met? He even threw her down the street.

Melissa forced herself to calm down, and then she looked at Aaron again. "Well... My brother, he... How is he now? "

As Aaron curled his lips into a smile and adjusted his clothes, he teased, "Everything will be fine as long as you behave well."

Melissa nodded timidly. She stopped talking and began to clean her messy dress. She then accidentally saw the white gauze on her leg.

That was where her leg twitched yesterday...

Did Aaron make it?

Just when she was about to ask, the door of the lounge was pushed open by Aaron. He just happened to miss the grateful look of Melissa.

Sitting at the desk, Aaron kneaded his temple in a trance.

He should hate this woman... But why when he saw her like that yesterday, he actually had an illusion that he could not bear to see her like this.

Taking a deep breath, he leaned his head back a little before speaking in a low voice, "is it an illusion? I suppose so. "

On the other side, Melissa pushed the door open obediently and stood in front of Aaron, at a loss


Pursing her lips and looking at her innocent face, Aaron inexplicably got angry. Then he threw the glass away with force. The warm liquid instantly poured on Melissa, causing her to shout.

He pushed the cake on the table aside, and then Aaron strode forward and grabbed Melissa up. "Who told you to put so much sugar in it?" he said viciously.

Since Christine said, so Melissa came here to challenge his patience?

He furrowed his brows. The fury on his face was evident. Then Aaron gripped Melissa and shouted in pain, "How dare you!"

"I don't know you don't like sugar... I used to think that the sweet taste would not make me so sad, so I... "

"Don't compare me with you!"

His words totally broke her emotion which Melissa had tried hard to add up.

And her face was very pale, without any blood on it.

Melissa shivered for a while and managed to speak. "I... I'm so sorry. "

Just as Melissa was about to leave, the voice of Aaron came from behind, "Get out of here. I don't need rubbish. Melissa, you'd better know your real identity."

She put a restraint on her humiliation by tightening her slender fingers. Melissa lowered her head and quickly walked to the secretary's lounge.

'Aaron, I will definitely repay you for everything you have done to me!'

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