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   Chapter 31 Don’t Regret Leaving

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Updated: 2020-03-18 14:35

After the sex, Melissa felt weak and her body ached. Meanwhile, Aaron stood up, puffed a cigarette and puffed. He was dressing neatly, as if nothing had happened.

Melissa stared at Aaron without saying anything.

As if he was fed up with her stare, he waved his hand casually before saying slowly, "well, you can go now. I won't stop you from going anywhere you want to go. But Melissa, you'd better remember it. Don't try to regret going out."

Wait, did she hear it right?

Her eyes widened as Melissa didn't believe what she just heard.

Glaring at her, Aaron stubbed out the cigarette as well as leaned back. "If you really want to leave, just take the chance that I haven't changed my mind."

This was the result that Melissa wanted.

She dressed up quickly without any cover.

However, Aaron's body responded.

If he hadn't thought through everything, he would have rushed up to put Melissa under him and made love with her.

Her pace was a bit rapid, as if Melissa wanted to leave the place out of Aaron's sight the next second.

Without any nostalgia, she even did not say goodbye. Melissa turned her head and ran so fast.

The corners of Aaron's mouth twitched a little. The rage inside him reached the climax. Aaron punched the wall with his fist.

In order to the following plan, Aaron had to suppress his anger. He would personally let Melissa beg him to marry her... Let Melissa beg him to stay with her!

On the street, Melissa walked with a little hasty. And she smiled.

For countless days and nights, she had thought of thousands of ways to escape, but when Aaron said it personally, she felt as if it was a dream.

She pinched her thigh brutally. The pain made Melissa's lips twitch in a

is such an expensive thing. Do you have any money to afford it? "

The nurse's words made people heartbroken.

The nurse's contemptuous look and words hit the heart of Melissa.

Before she came back to her senses, Bob suddenly grabbed the hand of Melissa and spoke in a tearful voice, "Melissa, please do me this favor. I only have one son to carry on our family name, and you should also take responsibility, right? Didn't you be bought by Aaron? He will give you a lot of money every month, just a little, as long as half a million. Go ask that man, he won't care about such little money, ah? Melissa, I beg you! I beg you!"

He was so sincere that Melissa could hardly find any reason to refuse.

However, it was not easy for her to get rid of the arms of Aaron. If she returned now, wouldn't it make people laugh their heads off?


Melissa's face stiffened immediately. Was this too coincidental?

The first step of Aaron's plan was to set her free, but then the accident happened to Mond. As a result, Bob begged her to come back to Aaron again and again.

The thought of the possibility sent a chill to Melissa's heart...

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