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   Chapter 27 Meeting Melissa Again

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It was already one o'clock in the morning when Aaron finished his work.

When he returned home tiredly, he unexpectedly found that there was a lamp in the originally dark floor.

Although it was not bright, it was particularly warm-hearted.

"Is that woman still awake?"

With a trace of doubt, Aaron changed his shoes in the vestibule quickly and kicked up the stairs.

Melissa stood there, scratching the back of her head and thumbing through Aaron's books on the bookshelf.

"What are you doing?"


Before Aaron could finish his sentence, Melissa was taken aback. With a shiver of her hand, she dropped the book to the ground.

Being at a loss, Melissa stared at Aaron with a deathly pale face, unable to utter a single word.

Aaron neither scolded her nor questioned her. After hanging his jacket on the hanger by the desk, Aaron slowly walked to Melissa and said, "what are you doing?"

Melissa quickly crouched down and put the book back. She shook her head and denied everything.

Melissa lowered her head, staring her tiptoes, and fidgeting her fingers uneasily.

Aaron sneered and turned around to press the switch in the corner. In an instant, the lights in the study room were all on.

Staring at the terrified girl, Aaron said slowly, "you can read whatever you want in the future, but you don't have to behave like a thief. I've never seen a thief turn on the night lights when he makes mistakes. Don't make it sound like I'm even unwilling let you turn on the light. "

Then, before Melissa could react, Aaron put the phone into the pocket of her pajamas and said, "Reward you. Cut the crap. "

The soothing atmosphere was ruined by Aaron himself.

He turned around and left Melissa alone.

The smile on Melissa's face was forced. She clenched her hands and said in a hoarse voice, "reward? Do you still treat me as a toy? "

Tears were welling up in her eyes for a long time.

In the bathroom, Aaron turned the shower to maximum. Looking up, he felt more restless.

Aaron wanted to tell Melissa that the phone was bought for her, but Aaron didn't know why. What he said always meant very differently.

"Damn it!"

Aaron cursed. His face grew gloomy.

On the other hand, Aaron felt a little unaccustomed to be home without smelling a familiar scent at night.

He had almost fallen asleep with a pillow of Melissa in his sleep these days. They were almost the same person. Now when Melissa suddenly disappeared from his sight, Aaron was not used to it.

In the following one month, Aaron spent almost every minute staying beside the Melissa.

Maybe it was good to mock her, or maybe it was also good to have compassion for her.

Melissa's original plan was completely changed because of his action.

The exam would be held tomorrow, but Melissa hadn't finished her study, and even her books were blocked. She would be able to take in anything from the financial books offered by Aaron.

However, most of them didn't fit in with the documents she needed to study...

Looking at the depressed look on Melissa's face, Aaron was amused. He turned around and grabbed her thick

hair, pretending to be confused. "Should we go to school today?"

Melissa nodded strongly. Her face was full of expectation, but she didn't say anything. She just stared at Aaron, trying to continue.

As he was tidying his clothes in front of the floor to ceiling window, Aaron said slowly, "then go to take the test. I'll ask Howard to send you later. I have something to do, so I can't accompany you. Take your phone with you. I'll pick you up after you finish your test. "

Being flattered, Melissa stood up and bowed to Aaron, "yes, Aaron Mu!"

"Call me Aaron."

After shooting an end to these words, Aaron left in a hurry, as if he had something urgent to deal with. But Melissa didn't notice the details and followed Aaron to find Howard.

Half an hour later, Melissa appeared at the school gate on time.

Looking at this both familiar and strange scene, Melissa could not help feeling excited.

Good news couldn't turn out to be good news, but bad news came one after another.

The moment Melissa entered the entrance exam, she had a headache.

Sunny was sitting in the left corner of Melissa, staring at Melissa with her eyes wide open as if she was going to swallow Melissa alive.

Sunny flipped her hair and then came over on her high heels. "I didn't expect a humble woman like you to take the test. It's so funny. Is your gold lord so stingy with his money? Can't even support you? "

Facing her provocation, Melissa had no choice but to put up with it. Melissa reached out her hand and gently read the book with a trace of dust, and her heart was filled with feelings.

However, the next second, Sunny directly kicked the table aside. When she was about to break out into curses, the supervisor came in and stopped the burning war.

They didn't know when the air was filled with a hint of tension. Melissa slapped her pen on the table after five minutes and lowered her head weakly.

These questions... She had no idea at all.

She was more used to prove her strength by action than by asking different kinds of questions.

Hot tears were rolling in her eyes. Melissa sniffed hard and then forced a smile. "I'm sorry, teacher. I won't... I'm really sorry. "

The male teacher was the man who handed out some notes to Melissa last time. When he was about to say something, Melissa turned around and ran away, leaving a group of stunned candidates behind.

However, Sunny sneered often and looked at the teacher with disdain, saying slowly, "bitch is always like this. She postured and wanted to get sympathy from others."

The people around are sighing, but soon they went back to the test.

The street was crowded with people. Melissa walked through the streets aimlessly, but she didn't stop.

It was not until her feet were numb and limp, and she even couldn't move that she squatted down on the street, sobbing.

Hot tears poured down on the cold cement road.

Melissa covered her thighs with her hands and howled, "Why I've tried my best, but I still failed I don't understand! "

A cool breeze blew her tears off the face. Not far away, Gina happened to pass by, and witnessed everything.

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