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   Chapter 26 I Am Sorry

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Bob, who was still asleep, jumped up in an instant. Grabbing the newspaper in his hand tightly, he said angrily, "it's you again. Why do you always come to eat my safe! Why does my family have a relationship with that jinx - Melissa! Why do you still take her here to make trouble? "

Bob's words instantly made Jill's face turn pale.

Didn't he know who this man was?

Jill walked up to Aaron fawningly. While nodding and bowing to him, Jill pinched Bob and said, "Bob! Do you know what you are talking about? Ah Mr. Mu, please don't mind my husband's thoughtlessness. He is a new man and has no idea of the world. Please forgive him this time. "

However, Bob misunderstood what Jill meant. He pulled down her face immediately. Bob rolled up his sleeves, rubbed his hands and said, "Well, you have an affair with another man behind my back. And now you even take the initiative to come here?"

"What are you talking about? How could I... Ah... "


Jill's frightened scream and Bob's painful groan intertwined, while Aaron's fist stopped in midair, still in a state of offensive.

He must hit Bob hard!

Jill stomped her feet before she pressed them to please Aaron, 'oh no! Mr. Mu! Mr. Mu! How dare he do this to you! I'm really sorry. Please don't be angry! "

Mr. Mu?

Stunned by the title, Bob looked at the man up and down carefully.

There was only one family whose last name was Mu in A city.

Bob's face went pale all of a sudden. Even stupid people could almost figure it out.

With a mocking smile, Aaron cut to the chase. "I'm not here to listen to your nonsense. Did Melissa suffer any illness before?"

Aaron was impatient to wait for the investigation, so it was more efficient to directly ask.

Hearing Aaron's words, Jill rolled her eyes a little bit and then walked up to him with a pretended smile as if she were the one who behaved too politely. "Mr. Mu, did that woman do something wrong? If you want to punish her, do whatever you want. We won't interfere with your decision. "

After taking a glance at Jill, Aaron opened his mouth and said, "Shut up. I didn't ask you. Go ahead!"

The man was pointing at Bob Ji, whereas Bob looked at Jill confusedly, trying to get her point. But Aaron didn't give them a chance to give any response.

Just in the blink of an eye, Aaron's knee hit right into Bob's belly!

Howling in pain, Bob held his belly and started rolling on the ground.

Jill gave them a stern look and then trotted back to Mond's room. She dragged his suitcase and saw that it was Mond who pulled her out. She rebuked, "look at this! If it weren't for your sister, the mastermind wouldn't have come to make trouble! She must have done something evil to displease him again! "

Mond's face was as pale as ashes, and he didn't show any sign of mood swings.

After a long silence, Mond pushed away Jill's hand unhappily and said in a tone of disgust, "you have no right to judge my sister. You are just as bad as her."

Thus, Mond went back to his room while coughing. At the same time, he closed the door and direc

tly ignore Jill.

Annoyed, Jill went to the door, cursing. Then she looked at the door of Mond's room and accused, "you, you... You are bold now, aren't you? Why don't you go out and work for me? Don't you have your hands to hold on? "

If it weren't for Bob's insistence on him, Jill would have kicked the encumbrances out of the house.

Inside the room, tears streamed down Mond's face. He kept mumbling the name of Melissa and apologized in a low voice.

While on the other side, Aaron and Bob had almost finished dealing with the things.

With his legs slightly crossed, Aaron almost leaned against the couch. He glanced at Bob while listening to him.

Bob was frightened to stay away from Aaron. He didn't dare to come close until he saw that Aaron wouldn't go on. "She is not sick If it was something serious, it would be her mother's business. Melissa's mother and I know each other in a romantic club, which means her identity is not clear... But since she is carrying my child, I would take Melissa and her mother here. Then her mother gave birth to two children. "

Thumping the table with force, Aaron put on a grim face and said, "get to the point!"

Large drops of sweat rolling down from Bob's forehead. Hearing what Aaron said, Bob continued to lead the topic.

A bright smile emerged on Bob's face. Then he looked at the maid with a look of disdain. "If I'm telling the truth, I should have brought a ring to the auction house in order to propose to her. But I didn't expect that Melissa stole a ring! And we were caught on the spot! "


Although Aaron was a little surprised, he didn't show any expression on his face.

As if remembering the past, Bob shook his head with a sigh. "You don't know that Melissa is so young that she can steal. What should she do when she grows up? But Melissa refused to admit that she stole things. Her mother beat her in the street and locked her up in a small dark room for ten days. And finally, Melissa was found out when she was on the verge of dying. TSK TSK, TSK. I really regret. I was so stupid to have brought them back home! "

Hearing that, Aaron raised his chin and stared at the floor with a gleam of expectation in his eyes. Then he came to realize the fact.

Then Aaron stood up and walked out of the conference room directly without saying anything, leaving the rest astonished.

Hearing that, the corners of Bob's mouth twitched slightly. Staring at the disappearing Aaron, he cursed, "What the hell is this Beat me up and then leave? "

Hearing that, Jill covered the door quickly with a trace of annoyance in her eyes. She leaned over to Bob and whispered in his ear. Jill's eyes were full of scheme

The night came. Aaron stopped in the street and looked around with his blurred eyes.

'Stolen the ring? Melissa?'

Aaron closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

All of a sudden, he walked into a mobile phone store and said in a low voice, "I know you have nothing to do with it. Melissa..."

The wind was mixed with a hint of coldness, but it couldn't beat the coldness in the heart.

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