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   Chapter 25 A mental disease

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After taking a glance at the name displayed on the screen of the phone, Aaron softened his face a little. He said, "Sean, come here in ten minutes."

Then he hung up the phone directly and turned it off.

He finished his actions at a stretch.

But when Aaron tried to say it again, Melissa became quite indifferent.

She gritted her teeth and refused to say anything.

He finally lost his patience. Aaron reached out his big hands and dragged Melissa out.

But beyond his expectation, after giving a loud sob, the quiet Melissa jumped straight at Aaron and gnawed his hand. It seemed that she was instantly stimulated by something.

Frowning, Aaron waved her hand and tried to push Melissa away. "Hiss... Are you crazy? "

But Aaron didn't know that Melissa was surprisingly strong at the moment. The more he struggled, the harder she gnawed.

A sharp pain suddenly spread from his palm to his whole body. The two of them were in a stalemate.

Five minutes later, Sean rushed here out of breath, and saw the scene.

Melissa stretched out her hand to tug at his palm. She bit on the palm of Aaron, seeming to be annoyed while Aaron looked resigned.

With a low shout, Sean moved quickly to the front of them, pulling Melissa and said, "Is this woman crazy?"

However, when he was in the middle of pulling Melissa, as a doctor, he knew instantly that something was wrong.

Sean turned around, walked to the office of Aaron and found the medicine cabinet he left. After mixing a small amount of sedative, Sean quickly injected it into the body of Melissa.

The domineering Melissa was instantly like a puppet doll out of control, sitting on the ground. She was staring blankly at some place in front of her and muttering to herself.

Ten minutes later, Sean finished the treatment on the wound of Aaron and sat down. He said seriously, "She has some mental problem."

‘Did she have a mental problem?’

Aaron was stunned a little. Sean was a doctor, so Aaron always believed in his judgment.

But Aaron didn't find anything wrong with the woman after living with Melissa for a short time.

With a hint of negative emotions, Sean said slowly, "She must have been stimulated by something and it was brought about due to some opportunity. She's fine usually. Just leave her alone, and stay away with her as early as possible since she will become a disaster sooner or later."

To be honest, Sean hoped that Aaron could be with his sister.

Without saying a word, Aaron suddenly stood up and walked to his desk. After throwing several design proposals made by Melissa on the table, he knocked on them lightly and said, "Those are all from this woman. Do you believe it?"

With a skeptical attitude, Sean took the proposals and started to read them carefully.

Taking a glance at sleepy Melissa, Sean became serious. "You must be kidding. It's just a talk on the paper. If you can't afford the economic basis, it would be useless. I came here to talk to you about something. The negotiation in America was stopped at the port. That batch of goods couldn't be delivered in China."

If it hadn't been so urgent, Sean would not have rushed here.

Aaron frowned and his fac

e darkened. Then Aaron asked, "Who stopped them?"

Sean shook his head helplessly and said, "I only get in touch with a group of minions, but the mastermind behind refused to show up. I've inquired about it, and it’s said to be Mr. Six, which it's only known by few. He said that you needed to go to the United States in person in order to get the whereabouts."

Aaron stood up hurriedly. Holding the car key in his hand, he turned around and said, "I know. We can just put this matter aside for the time being. Those things are hot potatoes. It doesn’t matter to temporarily put goods in their place to take shelter. You take care of Melissa for me. I have something to deal with, so I need to go out."

Before Sean could refuse, Aaron turned around and walked out. He closed the door and left Sean alone who felt like weeping but had no tears.

With his eyes narrowed, Sean slightly crouched down and examined Melissa carefully. Then he said to himself, "In fact, by looking closely... this woman was a little beautiful. No wonder she could win your heart. "

But Melissa didn't know it as she was asleep.

While Sean was busy. He sat down in front of the computer of Aaron. Later he put the USB flash drive he brought with him into it and then he began to read the information carefully.

"Look at the symptom, I think it should be enough..."

On the other side, Aaron found out the new address of Bob and his fellows through secret channels.

The car was running at full speed. He, Aaron, was never a patient man. But this time he was somehow eager to know what had happened to Melissa...

Melissa was said to have a stimulated mental problem according to the words of Sean. So there must have been something that triggered this.

Melissa is his pet, his toy. So he must control everything! Even if it was just a little bit, he wanted to know it all.

The wind around him was blowing fast and fiercely.

The car stopped slowly in a somewhat prosperous district.

That woman knew how to enjoy. She snatched the check from Melissa and bought the house.

With a mocking smile, Aaron put on the sunglasses in the car before he turned around and got out of the car.

No matter how hard he tried to hide, Aaron was unable to hide his royal temperament.

The moment Aaron got off the car, he drew everyone's attention!

Fortunately, Aaron moved very fast and found the entrance in a few seconds. He knocked on the door and soon there was sound coming through the door.

Inside the room, Jill turned her head and glanced at Bob, who was dozing off. Then she said angrily, "Honey, didn't I tell you not to order the newspaper? It was the 21st century now. You only needed check it on the computer. Why did you still want to...? Mr. Aaron?"

Jill, who was fierce just now, was stunned instantly. She stared at the tall man in front of her and didn't know what to say for a moment.

Ignoring her surprise, Aaron pushed her away by his big hands and went straight in, as if Jill was an outsider.

He walked in easily and saw Bob standing there leisurely.

Suddenly, he laughed out all of a sudden. "You seem to live pretty well? Huh? "

In an instant, the atmosphere froze...

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