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   Chapter 23 Agree to the Resignation

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It was not yet five o'clock in the morning when Aaron arrived at ODG. The air smelled wet in the first gleam of light.

Glancing at the distant crowd, Aaron parked his car numbly, and then walked into the company.

Only those on night duty at that time. All of them were listless. When they saw Aaron, everyone's movements and expressions were stiff in an instant.

The director of logistics department stood up as soon as he saw Aaron. With a flattering smile on his face, he came forward and joked, "Mr. Aaron? Why did Mr. Aaron come here so early today? Haha... "

Thinking of what Melissa just said, Aaron's face became paler.

With a snort of contempt, he strode forward and said, "it seems like I've really raised a group of craps."

Everyone lowered their heads subconsciously and dared not to look at him. They were afraid that they would get hurt next.

After Aaron leaving a long while, the environment got better.

"What's wrong with Mr. Aaron today? I haven't heard that Mr. Aaron could be here so fast today."

"God knows! Speak less and do more otherwise we may be blanked out!"

"Yes, yes! What the director said is true..."

Many of them looked at each other and pretended to be serious and busy.

However, when he went back to his office, he found that the secretary room next door was still on.

Out of curiosity, Aaron quietly walked in and saw Lois with dark circles on her eyes writing something. She looked very serious.

Lois pretended to be surprised, and quickly hid the documents in her hands behind her. Then she said disdainfully, "What? Mr. Aaron, when did you come! Sorry... I didn't know you would come so early this year, so I'm not ready yet... "

Turning around casually, Aaron looked at Lois up and down carefully, and then said slowly, "Nothing, it just comes to my mind that sometimes I don't get up so early. I wetted the documents yesterday by accident. Make a new one for me, please. I need it now."

When Lois heard what he said, her face turned pale immediately. Then she said, "Mr. Aaron, is my design not so reasonable? I will immediately copy it to you..."

When she was speaking, Aaron drew the paper out from her pocket. He had a glance and got what she was thinking about.

"You want to resign? Tell me the reason. "

Eyes focused, Aaron looked at Lois up and down with his sharp eyes, trying to see through her.

The corners of her mouth were slightly raised. Then Lois quickly covered her true feelings and said, "Yes... This job is really very difficult for me, so... "

However, instead of stopping her, Aaron said, "it doesn't matter. I've agreed. Later, you shall take a serious case to the human resources department and then you can resign. I've found a more suitable person than you."

What he said was like a thunderbolt from a blue sky, which made Lois freeze in place.

Did she hear it right?

Judging from the expression on Aaron's face yesterday, the plan wrote by Melissa worked. It seemed that he liked it, then... Did he already know that the plan was not designed by her?

Her hair instantly shrugged. Her legs were soft, and it was not until then that Lois k

nelt down quickly and pulled the legs of Aaron, begging for mercy, "Mr. Aaron... Sorry... I wanted to explain it to you yesterday, but you left in a hurry, so I didn't have a chance to explain it. Although this plan was written by your friend, I can also write it. Please give me another chance, please!"

She was about to burst into tears. She looked so pathetic.

Hearing that, Aaron raised his eyebrows. A touch of coldness flashed through his heart.

It seemed that his guess was right?

He clenched his fist with his slender fingers and made a sound. The air froze all of a sudden.

All of a sudden, she felt numb, and Lois did not dare to make a sound, so she had to lower her head and beg for mercy.

With a hint of gloom in his eyes, Aaron pushed Lois away and said, "Tell me everything."

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Lois repeated what happened the day before, and of course, she also skipped some details.

His eagle like eyes were slightly narrowed, and the corners of Aaron's lips rose a little. He then gritted his teeth and said, "Melissa..."

It was no wonder that she said such words to him in the morning. It seemed that it was necessary to adjust...

Then he turned around and left. Lois staggered a little and quickly got up, shouting the name of Aaron behind him.

This job was definitely an indispensable part for her. She had planned to use this opportunity to make Aaron give her the promotion, but she didn't expect that she would made it worse.

Ignoring her, Aaron took out a document from the drawer with a lock. Then he went to the personnel department and left in a hurry after saying something to them.

He came and went in a hurry. But the employees were nervous because of his action.

He returned to the villa, pushed the door open and looked for her petite figure.

A touch of softness appeared in his eyes at the sight of that figure.

He walked up to her. When he was about to say something, he heard her smooth breath.

Her thick eyelashes pressed together, her hands on her jaw, her pink lips slightly open, and the sunshine came in through the window, forming a landscape painting.

Melissa was so lazy and seductive.

Aaron swallowed a little and walked up to cover her with his clothes. Then he muttered to himself, "You siren..."

When he was about to leave, he accidentally caught a glimpse of the documents.

All the documents were piled up fairly and her handwriting was listed fairly on them.

A glimmer of surprise flashed across Aaron's eyes. Without disturbing Melissa, he made a decision to take out that minority of paper contract and design plans.

He just mentioned it casually before, but he didn't expect that this woman would take it seriously.

Holding the thought of mocking her, yet Aaron looked down seriously.

Then, the more Aaron saw, the wider the smile on his face became.

He continued to turn to the next page, thinking about it while checking. Then he put the documents back and said. "It seems that I underestimate you, Melissa."

He must have found a treasure! The cost in the plan designed by Melissa was less than a third of his expectation!

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