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   Chapter 22 Make Coffee

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After what happened, Melissa was worn out. She fell asleep as soon as she got in the car.

Aaron rolled up the window and cast a glance at the sleeping Melissa. Then he took off his coat and covered it on her. He murmured, "Silly woman... I have no idea what you are thinking about. "

Aaron slowed down the car as if he didn't realize that.

The car stopped slowly. Aaron woke up Melissa and then got off the car first. Melissa was sleepy. After a long time, she opened the door, and then followed Aaron in a daze.

After locking the door, Aaron looked at the sleepy Melissa. He said slowly, "From today on, stay in the villa, don't go anywhere, and don't go to the school either."

His pet only needed to please the owner. Money, knowledge, all these were jokes to him.

"Why? You know how important it means to me... "

Aaron lit a cigar and caught Melissa's delicate chin hard. He puffed smoke directly on her face. "It's your business. It has nothing to do with me. Don't forget that you are just a toy now!" he said in a harsh tone.

What the hell was on the mind of Melissa and why her brother was so important to her?

A trace of slyness flashed in his eyes. Aaron surveyed Melissa from top to bottom, trying to see something, but he got nothing.

Reluctantly, he released his hands, pulling the disobedient woman forward, and held her in his arms. Then he said, "It's settled. Besides, from now on, you have no time to do so many things..."

Before she could reject, Aaron directly took Melissa to his room and gently put her on the bed with a trace of love.

It was a sleepless night for them.

When she woke up, it was after midnight. She slightly moved her body and didn't feel the familiar temperature as usual. Then Melissa subconsciously reached out her hand and touched her surroundings.

But it was empty.

Where is Aaron?

Confused, Melissa got out of bed slowly. Following the slight brightness from the study on the left, she tiptoed like a kitten.

In the study, Aaron was wearing a pair of black framed glasses. It was a room lit up all night long.

At the moment, Aaron was watching a mountain of files and reviewed them carefully, and he drew circles on them from time to time.

Melissa turned her head and looked at the clock. It was four o'clock in the morning. It meant that Aaron had not gone to sleep since he came back...

Somehow, Melissa, who was supposed to stay away from Aaron, turned around and went to the kitchen silently. She helped make a decent cup of coffee and handed it to his room.

Facing her hospitality, Aaron didn't say anything. Out of habit, he took over the tea. He

had a sip. Then the tea was stalled. "The taste is not right. Make another one."

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. Melissa wondered if Aaron really regarded her as a servant.

But Melissa was trapped in an inferior situation so she had to bow. Melissa said nothing, turned around and went back to make another cup of coffee.

She made coffee for a dozen times. But they were all criticized by Aaron.

Even good tempered as Melissa was, she was unable to hold back her temper at the moment. With a light cough, she placed the cup heavily on the table and then said, "Mr. Aaron! That's all I can do. If you still want something better, you can call a professional barista! "

Being yelled by her, Aaron, who was already extremely fretful, instantly pressed her head on the table. The coffee was sprinkled all over the face of Melissa.

"Shut up. Get out! "

This woman did more harm than good!

Melissa jumped in pain. "You had a rough day at work. Why did you vent your anger on me? Aaron, are you incompetent or is your subordinate incompetent?"

As soon as a person got impulsive, the words of the person became more uncontrollable.

Hearing that, the movements of Aaron slowed down a little. He glanced at Melissa, and then smiled, "Incompetent?"

The dark eyes of Aaron showed an immeasurable chill.

Swallowing a spittle subconsciously, Melissa knew that she was in trouble. However, just as she felt regretful for her rash act, Aaron took up another subject. "Before I come back today, you'd better handle this... I'd like to see what on earth you are capable of saying that my subordinate is incompetent... "

After leaving the words, Aaron then walked out of the house, with the door slammed shut behind him.

In a flash, Melissa was the only one left in the huge room.

She made a face at the door where there was no one. Then she carefully took out a tissue to wipe the coffee stains on her face and she whispered, "What is he proud of... I wonder what happened to the plan I wrote yesterday..."

Melissa sat down expertly and held the pen tightly. She distinguished the words under the coffee stains with her eyes twinkling slightly.

Although it was a bit blurry, Melissa could figure it out roughly.

After Melissa pulled her long hair behind her ears and tied it up, she buried herself in the work that Aaron had given her.

Outside the door, Aaron saw all this silently through the hole in the door.

'The plan she wrote yesterday?'

Aaron moved his gaze a little, as if he had understood something, and then he left in a hurry.

Downstairs, as the car’s engine started, the dust was kicked up.

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