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   Chapter 21 You Are Right

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After making love, Melissa became silent.

Aaron tidied up his messy clothes while glancing at Melissa out of the corner of his eye, then he said impatiently, "Say."

What he couldn't bear most was that this woman looked at him with an innocent expression, as if he had done something wrong to her. As a pet, it was her duty to please the owner!

Her thick eyelashes quivered slightly and tears streamed down her face.

Sobbing for a long time, Melissa finally said in a low voice, "I want to go back. Put this memorial tablet back..."

There was a trace of timidity and even despair on her face.

It was an ordinary request, but became an unreachable dream in her world.

Aaron didn't answer her. He just stepped on the gas. The car roared away in an instant and muffled the sobs of Melissa in his ears.

Dozens of minutes later, the car slowly stopped. And everything here she was familiar with.

There was a dark street, bustling people and a intersection with a trace of damp.

Melissa was so excited that she didn't know what to say. Stirring her hands uneasily, she nodded at his position and then smiled through tears. "Aaron... Thank you very much! "

Instead of accepting her apology, Aaron took the initiative to get off the car and looked around carefully.

He couldn't imagine how a girl as fragile as Melissa was able to live in such a suffocating environment if he didn't find out the truth by investigating.

Melissa strode forward. However, just as she turned the corner, she froze in place.

It seemed that there was a reversal of blood flow all over her body and even a finger, was difficult to move.

She quickened her breath subconsciously and asked, "Dad, why are you here?"

Hearing that, Bob slightly stirred the corners of his eyebrows. Then he stood up and pretended to be tired. "Yesterday is the anniversary of your mother's death. Am I not allowed to come back? I tell you that Mond is dying, weren't you going to sell your body? Where is the money? Give it to me quickly! Mond is my only son. I can't let anything happen to him!"

His words invisibly stabbed Melissa's heart deeply. But she had no time to care about that.

Melissa’s heart fluttered when she heard about Mond.

Melissa strode forward, poking her head into the room on her own initiative, and then asked, "How much do you need? I have one million now... It is enough to save him. Dad, where is my brother? "

Bob pulled Melissa back impatiently and then threw her on the ground. He rubbed his hands against her pockets and said, "He's in the hospital now. Give me the money quickly. What are you waiting for?"

A sense of shame arose spontaneously from her heart. As Melissa tried to push away Bob, she said, "Dad, what are you doing?"

Hearing the noise, Aaron rushed in from outside, only to see Bob's restless big palms touching Melissa’s body. The greed on Bob’s face was obvious.

"As far as I'm concerned, you are just a little bitch. You can do nothing except for that... Without your pretty face, you are just a useless woman! Why not let me enjoy your body... Hum..."

Before Bob could finish his words, a sharp pain came from his shoulder. Then he was pushed aside and fell to the ground, followed by a shrill scream.

Melissa’s face had already blanched with fear. She couldn't even dodge or ask for help.

As Bob endured the sharp pain, he stood up from the ground in an awkward manner and said towar

ds Melissa’s position, "Melissa, you revolt against me? Do you think you will be better after being with a rich man? I have raised you for more than twenty years. Now that you’re rich and so you want to turn your back on me? Beast! "

Melissa's breath got coarser. She stood up awkwardly, and then handed out the check in her pocket while trembling. "No, I don't. The money is here! Dad, you must save Mond... Here you are. "

Hearing what she said, Bob looked slightly better. He hummed softly and was about to leave. But he was stopped by Aaron.

"Which hospital?"

His words were simple and clear, and the invisible pressure emitting from him made Bob dare not to move a finger.

His face suddenly turned as red as a pork liver. Then, Bob quickly put the check in his pocket and calmed down. "It's none of your business. What's the matter! You are just an outsider. Don't interfere in our family affairs! "

His nervousness was suppressed, yet it still made his performance unauthentic.

However, when Aaron was about to unmask Bob, Bob's phone vibrated all of a sudden.

After taking a glance at the name displayed on the screen of the phone, Bob suddenly became strong and rational. He quickly picked up the phone and pretended to be unhappy. "Mond, I tell you that your sister is with a rich man now. She became so supercilious. I just got money from her... What? Do you have something to tell her? Okay, hold on! "

After saying that, Bob gave the phone to Melissa.

"Mond, how do you feel now? Is your condition getting worse? What did the doctor say? Do you get used to it? Are you feeling uncomfortable now? "

"You don't deserve to be my sister, Melissa! I couldn’t understand why mother gave birth to a woman like you. You don't deserve to live in the world, let alone be my mother's daughter!"

On the other end of the phone, Mond interrupted Melissa in a huff. What he said was like a sharp weapon tore apart her heart.

"Mond, do you know what you are talking about... Why are you... "

"You don't deserve to be my sister, Melissa! You don't deserve our family name!"


He hung up the phone immediately, leaving no chance for Melissa to defend herself.

Melissa was dumbstruck and tears rolled down in an instant.

After a low sob, Melissa covered her head with her hands, crouched on the ground and whined, "What the hell is going on?"

She had done as much as she could even if the method was wrong, Why couldn’t someone understand her painstaking efforts in the end?

While Bob left secretly when they didn’t notice him.

Aaron stood there and stared at Melissa for a long time, but didn't utter a word.

He didn't understand what the man said that let the woman who could endure so much torture easily shed tears.

Melissa lifted her tearful eyes and looked at Aaron. An unprecedented feeling of grievance filled her heart. The next second, she jumped straight at him and cried, "Aaron... Tell me what I did wrong. I was the one who was sold; I was the one who was set up; I was the one who was taken the money; and I was the one who got cursed in the end. I... What did I do wrong? "

She didn't understand, really didn't understand.

The Adam’s apple of Aaron rolled slightly. Melissa trembled a little as she sobbed on his chest, which kept stirring him up, and then his desire reached the climax.

"You are right..."

His simple words made Melissa burst into tears instantly...

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