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   Chapter 20 Melissa's Abandon

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Under the gaze of Aaron, Lois shivered and said, "I don't know. It seems like she said she needed to go back to school... Then she directly ran away and went back to the school. I couldn't stop her! "


Hearing Lois' words, Aaron opened his eyes wide and sneered before he put down the things in his hand.

Melissa is quite bold. It seems like Aaron spoiled her too much before that she didn't know what to do.

"I'll deal with it tomorrow. Everyone work overtime until 11."

Then Aaron took the keys and walked out of the office without even looking back.

Upon hearing this, Lois' face darkened. She could tell that Aaron was moody. A moment ago, he praised her, but when it came to Melissa, he became a totally different person?

It could be anything else...

At the thought of that possibility, Lois trembled with fear subconsciously, and then quickly followed Aaron out.

It would be better to pretend that nothing had happened.

Sitting in the car, Aaron's face was cold. He tried to call Melissa, but her phone was still powered off.

Aaron turned the steering wheel to full force and then stepped hard on the gas. He said unhappily, "SHIT! Don't let me catch you, the disobedient toy. "

Whistling wind swept past his ears, mixed with a hint of coldness.

On the other side, Melissa reached the school, panting. But it was almost dark. Nobody was in sight at this time.

Holding her head in remorse, Melissa sped up her pace while walking forward. "Is it too late? No one told me... "

Just as Melissa was hesitating, a man slowly came over from not far away with a smile on his face, making her feel like in the spring breeze.

The man collected the documents in his hand a little, and then said gently, "Is it Melissa? I'm going to your house. Why didn't you come here this afternoon? "

With a slight flush on her face, Melissa coughed and explained, "I'm sorry I have something urgent to deal with, so... "

To her surprise, the man didn't mind. He took a piece of paper from those documents and handed it to Melissa. Then he patiently introduced some things to her. Melissa nodded frequently and didn't dare to miss a word.

It was a turning point for Melissa. She had to work as soon as possible and save enough money for the treatment of her brother.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she sobbed. Then she said timidly, "Okay, thank you Thank you very much. "

However, they were interrupted by Aaron's voice in the middle of their conversation.

"Melissa Ji!"

Hearing the man's voice in a sullen tone, Melissa's smile froze.

She turned her head stiffly and saw Aaron Mu sitting right behind her.

Melissa's scalp tingled in an instant. She turned to a smile and explained, "I'm sorry, Mr. My friend is here. Can you leave first, please? If I have any questions, I'll ask you later."

The teacher seemed to have understood something. After giving a few simple orders, she turned around and left slowly.

However, just after the teacher turned around and left, Aaron walked up to Melissa and gripped her jaw. He looked at Melissa and down with a little anger and said, "who gives you the right to leave?"

Melissa stammered for a while, but she didn't know what to say.

Aaron snorted coldly, and then turned to the teacher who was leaving not far away. He said with a smile, "how dare you."

Seeming to have sensed the intention of Aaron, Melissa immediately knelt down and humbly begged, "I'm sorry I just don't want to miss the opportunity to graduate Mr. Mu, we are not from the same world, but please understand me, okay? I can do anything for you except for this. Please, don't be mad at me. We happened to pass by... Please don't hurt him! "

However, the smile on Aaron's face became fierce. He increased his force of slapping as if he would not stop until Melissa was out of breath.

Her breath quickened. Just as Melissa was about to suffocate to death, Aaron suddenly loosened his grip. He leaned forward a little and said in a low voice, "you have no right."

Melissa's hair all over her body stood out, and Aaron strode straight to the teacher's position. He easily pulled himself out of the teacher's position and threw him to the ground.

"Debbie! You are wrong. I know I'm only several years older than you, but you should respect him... "

"From now on, Melissa Ji dropped out!"

Ignoring his nagging, Aaron continued.

The stunned expression on face was not only the teacher but also Melissa.

Melissa felt grieved and her eyes were filled with tears. Then she grabbed the wrist of Aaron and said urgently, "Mr. Mu! Are you out of you mind? You promise me that you would let me come to the school... I didn't miss the ordered time! "

Melissa didn't want to bet her future on this uncertain man!

"Melissa has been studying for four years, just for this graduation internship. How could she give up so easily." The teacher said.

"Who else is in your family?"

Aaron Mu interrupted the teacher's nonsense.

The teacher was really honest, telling the truth.

Aaron nodded with a cold smile. Then he picked up Melissa and left without looking back.

The atmosphere was extremely depressing along the way. After entering the car, Aaron suddenly rolled down all the windows.

Before Melissa could ask, she felt the man's unique scent.

Melissa's face was full of horror and said, "Mr. Mu It's impossible here! "

Her reputation would be ruined. After all, Aaron was a public figure. If anyone found out what she had done, she would be blamed for doing something illegal for the rest of her life

Aaron replied coldly, "you have no right to say no!"

The ambience in the car was heated up

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