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   Chapter 19 Melissa at the Company

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On the other side, Melissa was comforting the secretary patiently and helping her sort out the messy documents.

Lois was very grateful, but she did not dare to let Melissa beloved grandson touch those things.

It was not easy for her to get to know some of the temper of Aaron. He was meticulous about work and allowed no flaws in it.

Moreover, sitting in the CEO's office, Melissa didn't seem like a simple person. The clothes on her body told her that she was not a simple person. Lois wanted her superior to help her with this, unless she didn't want this job.

Seeing how enthusiastic Melissa was, Lois became more and more uneasy. She waved her hand and said, "Don't bother. It's my business. I mean it."

Melissa nodded helplessly. She didn't know what to say. When she was about to be in a daze, the door of the secretary's office was quietly pushed open.

A gorgeously dressed woman rushed in, wearing a ferocious smile, and then threw the documents in her hand onto the ground with disdain. She pretended to be surprised and said, "Oh, it's you, Miss Lois. I have some application forms submitted to the financial department. Remember to check it out with advance. Don't go to the financial department. It's about the time limit. Then you said that our department was wrong! "

With a red face, Lois nodded and said: "yes, chief!"

The woman snorted coldly and walked out slowly, her hands twisting around the waist of the bucket. She looked extremely arrogant.

Looking at Lois's pale face, Melissa felt sad.

Half crouching, Melissa helped Lois pick up the scattered documents and asked, "are you all right?"

Lois wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, nodded dully, but did not dare to open her mouth.

Melissa's eyes inadvertently swept across the densely packed numbers on the top, and her eyes became a little brighter.

Pointing at a large number and a note with a small number, Melissa asked, "what will you do if you can't finish it?"

With a sob, Lois continued, "Mr. Mu said, if I don't do well, I'll be fired..."

Raising her eyebrows, Melissa took the initiative to pat Lois on the shoulder. "In fact, I'm not a distinguished guest. I may be more humble than you. I will help you. You can't do so many documents by yourself. Do you trust me? "

Lois nodded her head and actively handed over the documents in Melissa's hands.

Melissa grinned, sat on her chair confidently, and then continued to write.

It seemed that these things were easier than she had imagined. In her first year, Melissa was particularly sensitive to these numbers, and even the time of weighing was more than half shorter than others.

Lois fixed her eyes on the serious look of Melissa. She didn't dare to make a sound to disturb her. Lois turned her gaze to the neat and beautiful handwriting slowly appeared on the white form in the document.

After a long time, the pain in Melissa's hands increased. When there were only a handful of documents piled up like a small mountain left, a sense of inexplicable accomplishment filled up her heart.

When she was about to continue her work, Lois asked first, "where do you work now?

Your proposal sounds good. Are you a manager? "

Then Melissa shook her head and explained, "I'm graduated from International Mall in A university. I'm going to have my internship."

On the other side, Lois was surprised and she opened her eyes wide and said, "I know this school is very famous, but it is said that graduates have to prepare for the entrance exam today? Why did you take it so slowly? "

Astonishment was written all over her face. Melissa then hurriedly stood up and asked, "What? How do you know! By the way, my phone was broken. No one can inform me. Thank you! Then I'll go first. The rest is almost done. Come on! "

Leaving Aaron's words behind, she directly ran out of the company without asking for his permission. Then Melissa disappeared in the sight of everyone.

Melissa was in such a hurry that she didn't notice the smile on Lois' face.

Looking through the detailed design plans on the documents, Lois couldn't help but be pleased. She said, "it's a piece of cake for me to deal with a girl like you who doesn't understand much about the society."

When Lois was complacent about it, Aaron called her.

Trying hard to suppress the joy in her heart, Lois changed to the usual polite tone and said, "Mr. Mu, what can I do for you?"

Just now, Lucy Chang said that you had sorted out the documents and brought them to me right away. I have other things to do tonight. "

'Chief Chang?' She is that disgusting old woman in the Human Resources Department!

Although Lois thought so, she had to promise Aaron without hesitation.

Casting a glance at the unfinished document written by Melissa, Lois threw it in the trash can, held the documents and walked to the office next door in a hurry.

Lois put the document on the table in a clever and skilled manner. Then she neatly stood aside, waiting for the reply of Aaron.

Aaron frowned and brows creased. After he quickly opened and browsed through the documents, the knitted brows became smooth and easy.

"That's right."

It was a simple word, but it gave a great reward to Lois.

Lois had not mistaken the girl. Although Lois' ability was not weak, there was a long distance between Lois and Melissa.

Although Melissa looks young, she has a better command of martial arts than Lois!

Lois couldn't let Melissa work in this company, or she would lose her job at any time!

Lois clenched her fists with mixed feelings.

After seal the document, Aaron's face softened a little. Then, he put the file aside and said, "That's it. We should go to ask the Human Resources Department to start it as soon as possible and buy the land in time. The price should be kept as low as possible."

It was obvious that Lois was cheated by the document. She nodded her head happily and then took the document from Aaron, "okay, Mr. Mu!"

However, just as she turned around and was about to leave, Aaron seemed to think of something all of a sudden. He stopped Lois again and asked, "I want to ask you, where is that woman in my office?"

The smile was still on her face. For a moment, Lois did not know what to say. Her smile was stiff.

Did Aaron notice something?

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