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   Chapter 18 an Explanation

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Sean shot a confused glance at Melissa and Aaron, and then stopped as if he was trying to figure out what was going on between them.

Seeing that he was about to say something but hesitated, Aaron could guess something. Aaron turned his head away and said, "Sean, if you still come to tell me what happened to that woman and what happened to her suicide, then let's go."

They talked awkwardly, but Sean was afraid of Melissa and didn't say anything.

"Let's find a place to have a talk. After all, this is the business of the elders. It's not that easy to turn down something that can not be refused..."

"If you still want to be my brother, just pretend nothing has happened. This is absolutely impossible. I don't think you have the right to meddle in the affairs of me! "Aaron said.

Aaron refused straightforwardly. He made Sean embarrassed.

Helpless, Sean pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and nodded helplessly. Sean took a step back and said, "Aaron, I'm doing this for your own good. You'd better check if this woman is clean. Don't fall into someone's hands. Besides... If she didn't arrange this woman, you'd better know that she can't tolerate such an impure grain of sand. "

There was another underlying meaning behind Sean's words, but Melissa couldn't understand, so she could only stand aside numbly.

Aaron snorted and turned away. The blood stood on the back of Melissa's head. She lowered her head and ran after Aaron.

All of a sudden, Aaron stopped his steps, opened the car door, turned around and looked at Melissa who was in a stupefied state. "I have something to deal with in the company. You can go back first... If you want to come with me, you can do it. "

Aaron didn't know how to retort Melissa's action, so he changed the topic.

"I want to go back to school,"

"No bargain. Get in the car!"

Aaron broke the extravagant hope and got Melissa into the car without giving her a chance to struggle. They even didn't fasten the seat belt and drove away directly.

Half an hour later, staring at the tall building high up in the sky, Melissa subconsciously swallowed.

She had heard of the company before, but she didn't have a chance to come in. It was too unreal when she really tried to feel it.

ODG, an international group almost monopolized over half of the country's economic transactions

The designing field was broad, including clothes, diet, even architectural. ODG could be said to be the backbone of the company.

"Aaron... Are you... "

"Didn't anyone tell you that this company is mine? You'd better regard yourself as a dumb. Disgraced person. "

At the sight of this sentence, Aaron walked forward slowly under the call of everyone. The cold and strong force made Melissa embarrassed.

Melissa didn't know much about the outside world, nor did she have a way out. God knew, she studied finance and dreamed to work in this company, but now she was suddenly told that her sugar daddy was the CEO of this company?

Melissa followed quickly, not wanting others to gossip about her.

The office was out of their reach. Aaron pushed the door open and stepped in. There were several doors.

"Go in."


There was barely any conversation between the two, and after Aaron came in, he was so busy with his work that he didn't even have time to make trouble for Melissa.

Melissa sat on

the couch idly and stared blankly.

Right at this moment, someone knocked on the door. It was Sean who had a dispute with Aaron before coming in.

Sean was a little shocked when he saw Melissa.

However, Sean was a man who had experienced a lot, so he quickly suppressed his uneasiness. Then he took out a thick file from his hand and handed it to Aaron. He said, "This is the new medicine we need at that time. Look, do you need a back-up?"

But Aaron didn't reply. He just held the pen tightly and continued to brush on the paper.


Bang! The file was thrown to the ground by Aaron. His face was gloomy. Aaron looked at Sean up and down like an eagle and then said word by word, "Sean, I didn't mention anything about the hospital, did I? It's the Liao clan who monopolizes the medical field, not the Mu clan. Isn't it generally up to you to decide? "

Sean's face was somewhat awkward, as if he had been seen through.

The smile on Sean's face gave way to embarrassment. He put aside the document and asked seriously, "don't me have any chance? You know my sister. She has a special feeling for you... Her feeling for you is not just one or two days. If possible, I think our marriage is still... "

Aaron flew into a rage that he slapped the table and smashed all the documents on it to the ground. He shouted, "no way! It's impossible! Even if my father came, I will give you the same answer!"

The situation became stiff in an instant. Sean kept silent for a long time, and neither Aaron.

When Melissa was about to sneak away, the door was knocked again. With the acquiescence of Aaron, the secretary pushed in.

Lois looked at the messy documents on the ground, with astonishment written all over her face, she felt her heart suddenly tightened and her feet became weak. She almost knelt down.

Bending down, Lois briskly picked up the randomly scattered documents and explained, "Mr. Mu, is there anything wrong with these documents? If so, I'll go downstairs right now and ask them to modify them! Please don't be angry! "

For a moment, Melissa felt sorry for Lois.

What's the perseverance of serving such a uncertain man?

Before Aaron could say something, his phone buzzed. Before he could say something, a man's voice flew past his ear. The voice was mixed with fury.

"I know. I'll make the decision myself!"

After hanging up the phone in a hurry, Aaron, who was already in a bad mood, suddenly threw the pen out as if he got infuriated. He roared, "Get out! All of you!"

Trembling with fear, Melissa followed the secretary stealthily and fled the office.

There was an incomprehensible look in Aaron's eyes. Sean wondered if he should leave with a severe look on his face. But before he could take his leave, Aaron opened his mouth, "for the sake of our brotherhood, I have a piece of advice to you. Even if your grandpa came to my company, I would have the same answer!"

Massaging his aching eyebrows, Sean gave a hint to Aaron, telling him that he knew it, and then he picked up the documents belonged to him and patiently said, "We are good friends... I don't want to do this. Alas, I will persuade my sister Moreover, Melissa was absolutely not that simple. Be careful. If it's only for fun, then everything will be fine. "

'OK." Aaron said. After that, the family business came to an end.

Sean turned around and left.

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