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   Chapter 17 Cancel The Marriage

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The next early morning, Melissa woke up.

Suddenly, she exclaimed and sprang up from the bed.

Her skin was exposed to the cold air in an instant. She grabbed the quilt unconsciously to cover herself.

Yesterday's memory slowly rose in her mind, and her face instantly stiffened.

Sitting on one side of the table, Aaron took off his black rimmed glasses and threw them to the other side before he said expressionlessly, "you're being rude."

She covered herself up with the quilt quickly.

She looked quite stunned. After swallowing the saliva, she said in broken words, "Aaron... Did you do something to me? "

She didn't have a clear memory of yesterday. She only remembered sitting on the grass with Aaron and talking about the past. Then she seemed to fall asleep by accident...

She didn't think that Aaron would let her sleep well.

He opened the drawer and stuffed the documents he was handling into it. Then he said with a faint smile, "isn't it normal for me to want you?"

Her face turned red and Melissa didn't speak for a long time.

He handed the check to Melissa again and said with a poker face, "here's the money. You can take it to repair your broken house. But you can't go back without my permission. Do you understand?"

She continued, "really? Can I decorate it? Aaron! I'll pay you back! "

Unexpectedly, Aaron suddenly grabbed her by the jaw, raised her face and provoked, "Pay me back? How can you pay me back? By your body?"

There was a strange taste hidden in his words. Melissa was so speechless that she could only look at him with a red face.

As he rubbed his forehead, Aaron pointed to the clean clothes near the bed and said, "Well. You can change your clothes and go to a place with me. If you really want to pay me back, you can be a dumb."


Melissa nodded in a low voice. She didn't speak, as if she had recalled what had happened the day before. The moment she reached out her hand, she turned around stiffly to look at the man in front of her and asked, "Mr. Aaron, will you throw me on the street again this time?"

Aaron didn't answer, but pushed open the door and walked out directly.

The big room suddenly became quiet. Melissa forced a smile, and then laughed at herself, "just a sudden tenderness. How can I expect him to be gentle all the time?"

Melissa tapped on her forehead and washed up quickly.

An hour later, the atmosphere at the table was particularly weird.

On the opposite side of a large table, there were several people, though Melissa couldn't name them, she was very familiar with the woman sitting on her right.

Gina was staring at her, as if she had committed a heinous crime.

All the people kept silent, eyes staring, the atmosphere was extremely weird.

Finally, Gina couldn't suppress her anger anymore. She slapped her chopsticks heavily on the table, and then pointed at the tip of Melissa's nose. "What makes you think you are qualified to sit here?"

She couldn't stand it. Why did this woman join their family party?

Their topic today was about her marriage with Melissa, but he had brought another woman in front of everyone. What did he mean?

Melissa wanted to shrink back, but before she could move a step, Aaron reached out his hand and protected her from being hurt. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Don't meddle in my affairs. Let's cancel the marriage of interest. The marriage was arranged by our parents when we were young. It was not seriou

s enough. Besides... No one can take away what I want from me. Don't you think so? "

As he spoke, Aaron deliberately raised Melissa's chin, which drew the two closer to each other.

Sad tears were rolling in Gina's eyes. When she saw that Aaron had no intention of helping her, she turned her head fretfully to her father and said, "Father! Look at him! Look at Aaron! He couldn't break his promise. That woman was a thief. She stole my wallet at that time! She doesn't deserve our family! "

Gina stressed on the word of thief deliberately, and then looked provocatively at the position of Melissa.

What she didn't know was that she was only irritating Aaron.

Lawrence was a clever man. When he saw the serious look on Aaron's face, he knew that something was wrong. He quickly stood up, put on a smile and said, "There must be some misunderstanding. Maybe she is a friend of Aaron. You're overthinking. Right, Aaron?"

He winked at Aaron, indicating him to cooperate. But Aaron was not the kind of person who would act according to human's expression.

He turned his head around and forced Melissa's lips to touch him.

He sucked slightly, posturing a shameful sound.


"Shut up! You are dumb!"

Melissa attempted to say something. But before that, Aaron made his tongue in her closed teeth and moved on to kiss her lip.

With the eyes wide open and the shout of Gina, Aaron reluctantly ended the kiss. There was tenderness in his eyes that Melissa had never seen before.

For a moment, she even suspected that she was wrong.

Gina's face instantly paled. She quickly walked up to the living room, reached out her hand and pushed Melissa away. Then she leaned into the arms of Aaron and sobbed, "Aaron! How can you do this to me? This woman is so cheap. How can I be inferior to her? Aaron! Aaron! "

How long had they known each other? How could this woman get so close to Aaron in such a short time? How could he protect Melissa in public even though he may irritate her father?

Frowning slightly, Aaron shook off her hand hard, put his arms around the shoulders of Melissa and stepped back. Then he said coldly, "I don't want to say the same words again. Furthermore, cancel those engagement, my marriage is not up to others. "

Then he slapped the chopsticks in his hand heavily on the table, and then Aaron turned around and left with Melissa.

Sean was watching worriedly. He knew what kind of person Aaron was better than anyone else.

Sean then looked at Gina with a reproachful look. He stand up in a hurry and drag her. "Sister, don't be so rush. You know well what kind of person Aaron is!"

Then he made a few instructions in a hurry before he chased them.

If the two families were to break up, both sides wouldn't get any benefit, which Aaron should know. He would never do anything uncertain.

Behind them, Gina's crying resounded in the sky, while Melissa who had been dragged away by Aaron was furrowing tightly. She kept silent, as if she had really become a mute.

All of a sudden, he stopped. Melissa bumped into his back. Her back felt cold instantly.

She stepped back, trying to explain something. But before she could say anything, Aaron said first, "it was just an act. What else can you pay back except for your dirty body?"

Biting her lips, Melissa closed her lips tightly and kept silent.

While the two of them were in a stalemate, Sean rushed over from behind and broke this weird situation.

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