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   Chapter 12 a Slap on the Face

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Nothing happened in the next three days. During this period, Aaron stayed at home all the time, even following Melissa to go to the bathroom.

Melissa frowned slightly, casually sat on the sofa, stared at the economic channel, and stared blankly.

Melissa had been major in finance, but at the moment, she didn't have any skills to use. She finally graduated and could have an internship. She didn't expect that she would meet Aaron. And what was more, she had even developed into such an awesome scene.

If she said that she was the woman of Aaron Mu, a woman who was going to get married, perhaps no one would believe her.

The door was knocked when Melissa was worried about her studies.

It was the first time she heard the knocking at the door after she had lived in this villa for nearly three weeks and she was at a loss for a moment. Subconsciously, Melissa regard this place as a place to cut off from the world.

She quickly stood up, kicked her shoes and ran to the door. Melissa quickly opened the door handle and said with a sweet smile, "I'm sorry, who are you looking for..."

"Who are you?"

Before Melissa could finish her words, the woman ferociously interrupted her.

"I am..."

"She is my woman. What's the matter?"

Before the woman could explain, the voice of Aaron Mu popped out from the back. Melissa's heart beat faster at once, and her ears unconsciously stained with a touch of red.

When the woman who just entered his eyes heard these words, she was furious at once.

The woman raised her hand and pointed to the bed of the Melissa. She then looked at Aaron with a sad look and said, "Do you know what you are talking about, Aaron? I am your fiancee. Who the hell is this woman? "


A picture flashed through Melissa's mind. I remember that I ran into her on the street at that time? Melissa remembered she had stolen her purse before

She swallowed subconsciously. There was an uneasy look on her face.

The woman's eyes widened as if she had recalled the past. She raised her index finger high in the air, trembling violently. She said, "I see. I remember everything now. Aren't you the thief that day? Well, I know it's definitely not that simple. Didn't you steal my purse? How dare you steal my man? You bitch! "

She was so excited that she grabbed her bag and slapped on Melissa's body. Her eyes were red as if she wanted to tear Melissa to pieces.


Melissa was not as cunning as she used to be. Naturally she couldn't avoid the woman's attack.

But what surprised her was that Aaron had taken action.

Aaron impatiently reached out his hand and directly gripped that woman's hand before he scolded, "Gina, are you enough?"

The woman called Gina shook off Aaron's hand and stepped back. She didn't come back to her senses until she was against the wall.

'What the hell? Aaron Mu! How could he be so fierce to me just for a thief and that bitch?'

While saying these words, Gina started to shed tears. Like a frustrated lady, she suddenly started to speak in a low voice, "Aaron Mu! How can you treat me like this? Your father has already made an engagement for us, and you have agreed, haven't you? My father asked you to meet with him three days ago, but you didn't come because of this woman, didn't you? "

A hint of displeasure appeared on Aaron's face. He then pointed to the door and said, "I've never said yes. That's your business."

"What Aaron Mu! Do you know what you are talking about? How long have you known this

woman? Didn't you dislike her that day? Why? Why did you change your attitude overnight? "

"Get out!"

Both of the two women were taken aback by Aaron's sudden shouting.

Gina covered her face with resentment and growled, "Aaron Mu! You will regret! You will! "

In the blink of an eye, the woman covered her face and fled.

The action was one-step, and the heels under Gina's feet were strung straight. Melissa really admired Gina's strength.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Melissa looked at Aaron, not knowing what to do. She didn't dare to say anything to provoke this temperamental man.

Aaron's face took on a ghastly expression. He took out a cigarette, lit it up, took a deep breath and said, "speak."

Melissa felt her scalp tingled, and then said awkwardly, "if I have any influence on you, can you let me go? I won't take the money. I'm going to graduate. Can I go back to school? I'm a senior student... "

The latter part of the story became more and more unconfident for Melissa, because Aaron's face grew paler and paler.

Aaron took out a check filled with a large sum of money from his pocket and threw it on the ground directly. Holding his head high, he said, "the money is yours this month. You have to receive a refund from the school. I don't want my toy to be too clever."

Melissa stared at the myriad 0 on the ground, short of breath.

"Aaron Mu! I do agree to marry you, but you already have a fiancee, don't you? It's complicated. I don't want to be your mistress. I am a... "

The corners of Aaron's lips curled into a smile. Seeing the look on Melissa's face, he interrupted her and said, "are you still that kind of woman?"

That kind of woman?

Melissa's eyes widened in shock. She wasn't able to take it.

There was a touch of jealousy in her heart. Although she knew that the success rate of this matter was very low, Melissa still bit her lower lip and took the initiative to approach the front, trying to have a try. "Aaron Mu, I have no other meaning, but I need a degree. I need to support my brother, and I need... "

Aaron grabbed Melissa's wrist and pulled her in front of him. He spat out a mouthful of smoke and asked impatiently, "what do you want? Do you want to marry a man or have a baby by the way?"

Choked and choked, Melissa coughed repeatedly. After a long time, she said reluctantly, "I really did it for study. I will not do such a thing. Please, trust me!"

Facing her sincere eyes, somehow, Aaron nodded in agreement. It was too late for Aaron to react.

Then he turned his head stiffly, pretended to be serious and said, "You'd better not play tricks. It depends on your performance. Melissa Ji, you'd better know who you are. You have no right to enjoy the love that others give you. "

Although his words were commercial, Melissa had to force a smile and nodded to agree.

But Melissa didn't know that the appearance of Gina was just the omen of her trouble.

The next day, after Aaron's words, Melissa finally got free time.

However, just as Melissa was about to leave, Aaron stopped her. He took out a necklace from his pocket and tied it to Melissa's neck. "Cancel the wedding. You don't deserve to be in the public. The entrance guard is seven o'clock every night. Think about it yourself. And don't take it off without my permission. "

Facing his overbearing tone, Melissa nodded her head and didn't intend to fight back. In the end, Melissa disappeared from his sight under the escort of a professional servant.

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