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   Chapter 11 a Kiss

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Three days later, when Aaron just got off work, he received Howard's instructions.

As Howard saw Aaron step out of the car, he opened the door for him. Just as Aaron was about to get in, Howard lowered his voice and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Mu, Miss Melissa has given in. And then you..."

After a short hesitation, Aaron leaned against the wall and said, "Cancel the dinner party. Go straight back to my villa."

But his words infuriated Melissa.

Howard nodded and then replied with a poker face, "yes, I understand."

The lengthened Lincoln drove slowly. It didn't take much time to reach the villa.

However, when Aaron was about to enter the villa, he took out his cell phone, threw it in Howard's hand and said, "I don't want to be disturbed. You just need to do your job."

He looked up at the direction where Aaron was, and paused for a few seconds before agreeing to his request.

With a bit displeasure, Aaron turned his head and said, "you can leave now."

Without any hesitation, Howard directly turned around and parked the car with the mobile phone of Aaron. Then he left in a hurry.

Howard would definitely help clean up the mess tonight.

The birthday party alone was a headache for him.

Howard rubbed between his eyebrows and walked faster, lowering his head a little to avoid being noticed.

On the other side, Aaron slowed down a lot.

He opened the door and a strong and pungent smell of blood came into his nose.

Aaron frowned slightly. A hint of bitterness flashed across his mind. He quickly walked up to Melissa.

There were wounds all over her body and the raw and bloody appearance was unacceptable. At the moment, there was still blood oozing from her wound. She fell on the ground feebly, twitching from time to time. Melissa looked extremely embarrassed.

Just as Aaron was about to walk forward, Melissa raised his small face, which was not as smooth as usual. All over her face were ugly whips, and many places even had callus.

After being shocked for a while, Aaron managed to suppress the shock in his heart.

This woman would rather endure such a torment for three days than directly admit her mistake at the beginning? She still refused to be convinced

Melissa clenched her fists and took a deep breath before she struggled to stand up Aaron Mu. "

Aaron held his breath and tried hard to suppress the strange feeling in his heart. Then he said in a muffled voice, "say it."

Her palm was badly mangled. Melissa moved unsteadily. Every step she took made her feel unbearable pain, but the chilling air broke her heart.

It was not until now that she stretched her hand to grasp his suit that she said in a trembling voice, "it's all my fault. I beg you. Please forgive me."

Tears streamed down her cheeks and seeped into her wounds. The wet tears gasped.

Aaron put on an unruly smile and pushed Melissa away in disgust. Then Aaron flipped his dirty suit and said, "We'll hold the wedding ceremony directly after a month. You are not allowed to go anywhere in the following month. "

Feeling wronged, Melissa lowered her head. She didn't dare to say anything. She had to obey the orders.

A week later, Melissa had basically adapted to such a life.


was a few drizzles outside the window. Melissa took off her slippers and stared outside blankly.

Just as she was nervous, the door creaked open and Melissa was pulled back to reality.

The nurse rolled up her sleeve and covered the jacket from the hanger. Then she said, "Miss Melissa, it's time to change the medicine. It's getting cooler now. You'd better pay more attention to it. "

Melissa smiled and didn't say anything. Instead, she obediently sat on the sofa and silently let the nurse have a physical examination.

The nurse unscrewed the cap and smeared the medicine on her palm. She made a glance at the back of Melissa and said, "Miss Melissa, you are recovering quickly. You will recover in about two or three weeks. But the wound on your back is a bit deep and I'm afraid there will be a deep scar here. "


She rolled her eyes and grinned, "I don't care. I'm just a toy and a weak woman. How dare I expect anything?"

The nurse gave an awkward smile at her and then carefully smear the ointment on Melissa's body.

Melissa was nearly intact.

An hour had passed after she finished all the procedures. As she was picking up her stuff, Aaron opened the door and came in.

Melissa soon became highly alert when she saw the visitor was Aaron.

She felt something blocked in her chest and she could hardly breathe.

Raising his hand to gesture for the nurse to leave, Aaron Mu took the initiative to walk forward, grabbed Melissa's chin and mocked, "now that this play has begun, you have no reason to leave unscathed. You are my woman from now on, but I will never give you any status. You can ask me how much money you want. As for toys, I'm always generous. "

An embarrassment flashed across her face. Then Melissa put down her worthless dignity and said, "one million! I want one million!"

In the face of her request, Aaron was not surprised at all. He reached out and directly pulled Melissa into his arms. His big hand restlessly covered it, and then rested on her chest.

As expected, the soft, with a slight temptation, and human fragrance.

Melissa was panicked. The thought of the amorous night sent a chill to her heart.

Melissa wanted to step back, but was held tightly by Aaron in his arms.

Flustered, Melissa reached out one hand and pressed on the man's wrist. "What do you mean, Aaron?" she asked Aaron was so amused that she dragged the bathrobe down and forced Melissa to scream.

Then Aaron picked up Melissa and walked towards the room. "You've signed the agreement. It's not the first time. A toy is supposed to fulfill its own obligations. "

In the face of his humiliation, Melissa was speechless.

Seeing that Melissa's heart sank, Aaron unknowingly felt a towering rage.

Aaron stretched out his big hands and pinched Melissa's delicate neck, mocking, "I have no interest in dead people. Are you always trying to play up to men like this? You can't get even a penny! "

Tears of humiliation rolled in Melissa's eyes, but all the resentment was completely devoured by money.

Melissa closed her eyes suddenly and took the initiative to Aaron against his neck. Tears of humiliation rolled down her cheeks.

Soon enough, the room was filled with the sexual moans

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