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   Chapter 10 the Party

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Melissa bit her under lip tightly, as if she would be willing to die.

Melissa raised her head in anger and said to Aaron in front of her, "what did you say What contract? I don't even know the contract and you are not allowed to hit my brother. Aaron Mu, did you hear that? My brother is innocent! Did you hear that? "

The next second, Aaron directly crouched down and put the contract covered with palm print in front of Melissa. "Jill's bloody palm, your bloody palm, mine. They all can match you You had no right to fight back. Keep beating until you are obedient. "

He handed the whip to Howard. After he gave his order, Aaron sat on the sofa not far away and watched them in silence.

Howard didn't know how to have tender heart for a woman. He whipped Melissa's shoulders, back, knees and arms without mistake.

Melissa's body covered with cuts and the smell of blood spread in the room.

What was even more amazing was that Aaron was now sitting opposite her and tasting his coffee!

After a long time, Melissa became unconscious and sat on the ground blankly. At the same time, Howard Lu stopped his movements.

Howard turned around and looked at Aaron who was taking a sip of coffee leisurely. "Pour water on her. Let's continue."

Howard nodded. Then he bent himself down, took the saline water and poured it on Melissa. The coldness spread all over Melissa's body immediately.

Seeing that Melissa had regained her consciousness, Howard quickly stood up, picked up the whip and waved it on her body again.

It was a sleepless night.

The next day when Melissa woke up, she felt her body sore and aching.

Yesterday's memory flooded into her mind. Melissa was stunned at first, and then found that the wound on her body had been bandaged.

There was not a piece of flesh left on his body at all. She could hurt her wounds if she moved a little.

Before she could check her body, the door of the secret room was pushed open again.

The person who came in was none other than the culprit, Aaron!

At the sight of the man, Melissa hurtled towards him like an irritated lion. She tried to grab him, but failed because of the chains.

Looking at her alive and active appearance, Aaron was somewhat surprised.

Aaron walked slowly to the front of Melissa and raised her chin. He looked at her for a while and then said in a low voice, "have you figured it out? I don't like the disobedient toys. "

Like the cold wind in December, Melissa's heart sank all of a sudden, but she soon turned into a hedgehog, as soon as she thought that Aaron would take revenge on Mond.

Melissa stated as she took a deep breath. Then she raised her red eyes and said, "Aaron Mu! If you have any trouble, just come to me. My brother has nothing to do with it. Don't touch him! "

If she could, Melissa would tear the man in front of her into pieces. He was an angel with an evil heart!

Bowing his head stiffly, Aaron stretched out his hand and wiped the spits on his face. Instantly, his face turned livid. Aaron said, "you can have a try and you'll know

whether I have guts or not."

Aaron casually turned around and took out a strip of cloth, directly tied the lips of Melissa and unbound the chain. Then he directly put Melissa down on the ground like dragging a dead dog and dragged the upstairs.


Melissa was wide awake now. The impact was fierce and the pain was acute.

She knew that she would be set free as long as she gave in. But she didn't want to give up.

The bathroom was a little bleak, and the bathtub was still hot. She was unable to focus on anything.

How Melissa wished she could directly get into the bathtub and take a shower. But she knew it was impossible. That man would never be tolerant to her. She knew it from the first day they met.

Looking at the eager eyes of Melissa, Aaron suddenly sneered. Aaron pulled her up from the ground and paused in the air. "Do you want to wash? As you wish. "

Not allowing her to refuse, Aaron directly threw Melissa into the bathtub, and put on gloves for himself. Then he continued to suppress the head of Melissa, leaving her no chance to breathe.

"Well The sea water bubbled as the ball was becoming hotter and hotter HMM... "

Melissa struggled and wanted to say something, but was choked by the hot water.

The scalding temperature almost scorched her skin. She could even feel the threat of death.

Aaron's eyes were like a sharp blade radiance. He looked up and down at Melissa, and then said coldly, "let me see how long you can be so stubborn."

Taking advantage of Aaron's words, Melissa took a deep breath. But it was just a drop in the bucket.

Aaron lowered his hand to suppress the water. Melissa's whole body sank into the bathtub in an instant, producing a loud water.

"Gulp gulp gulp..."

Melissa was drenched from head to toe. The unhealed wound stinged instantly. The pain almost crashed her.

Looking at her painful expression, Aaron suddenly grinned and pulled up Melissa and forced her to look at him. He sized up her sexy body with his unruly eyes and rubbed against her lips. "Against me? No way! "

He wanted Melissa to know the word "respect"!

Melissa's face turned pale and her lips kept moving. She panted hard as if air was a great treasure for her.

The next second, Aaron pressed her ruthlessly to the bottom of the bathtub again!

The only result of Melissa struggle was pain. The wound had unknowingly cracked, and the blood in the bathtub became more and more, as if it were going to dyed all the water red.

Ten minutes later, unable to bear the torment, Melissa fainted.

Seeing that she was unconscious, Aaron gave a cold snort. Then he stretched out his hand and directly dragged Melissa out of the bathtub and threw her to a corner. Then Aaron turned to ask Howard to take Melissa back to the secret room.

However, just as he was about to walk out of the secret room, Aaron shook his clothes and said casually, "she knelt down and begged me, otherwise I will continue to whip her. I don't like toys that go against me. "

Howard nodded and bowed respectfully, "I understand."

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