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   Chapter 8 an Unusual Engagement

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Melissa had been stuck in the hospital for a week. She even couldn't go to the bathroom.

A faint anger was revealed between her eyebrows. Melissa raised her head and roared to the sky.

Why couldn't she decide her future life?

Melissa pursed her lips and lifted the corner of the quilt. She kicked on her cotton slippers cautiously while walking out. "Is anybody home! Get me out! "

Melissa raised her hand and knocked at the door that was locked from the outside. She looked quite innocent at the moment.

Hearing the sound in the ward, a nurse gave a bland smile. Then she came in and asked what Melissa needed.

Melissa forced a smile and pressed herself against the nurse. "You are so kind and beautiful. I have been trapped here for a long time. Tomorrow or not? You said I was going to get married, right? Why don't you take me out and give me some fresh air? "

The nurse's eyes flashed a trace of hatred, but then was quickly covered by someone. She said, "It's not easy. After all, Mr. Mu told us to watch over you and not to let you out easily. At that time, if I'm blamed, I..."

Looking at her resolute face, Melissa knew she had a way to get out. With a strong chest, she said in a domineering tone, "don't worry. I'll take care of everything. I said I was going to marry that guy, so I'll be Mrs. Mu. From now on, I'll take care of you!"

The nurse nodded her head and agreed after Melissa coaxed and pleaded for several times. But how could the simple Melissa know that all was designed?

In the company, Aaron stared at the woman on the monitor screen and frowned immediately.

The future Mrs. Mu? She had a rather good plan. It turned out that the fierce look of a woman was fake before.

Aaron snorted and pushed away the files. It was too loud that his assistant almost collapsed.

Upon hearing this, Lois suddenly trembled with fear. She walked up to the desk, took the document back and asked anxiously, "Mr. Mu, is there anything wrong with the document? I'll ask the financial department to draft a new plan right now! Reduced the cost to the minimum! "

With a cold face, Aaron didn't say anything, but quickly put on his coat and rushed outside.

"Everyone works overtime today!"

Glancing at the words, his secretary was stunned...

On the other side, Melissa was planning on how to escape. She looked at the nurse with a smiling face, but she had a plan in her mind.

Melissa suddenly covered her lower abdomen, turned around stiffly, grabbed the nurse by her side, and said, "I'm not feeling well. Do you know where the bathroom is?"

She tried her best to open her eyes wide to make herself sound reliable.

To her surprise, the nurse didn't think too much. She gestured the way for Melissa and then waited for her at the door.

Melissa paced anxiously in the bathroom and looked up at the unreachable window. She was in a dilemma.

This hospital was hundreds of times more expensive than the one she had seen before. Now she didn't even have a chance to do it.

Just as Melissa was strolling in the yard, a cleaner suddenly came out of the bathroom's door. The cleaner's appearance startled Melissa.

The cleaner had a confused look on Melissa's face. She then peeped, "what's the matter?"

Five minutes later, Melissa succeeded

in dressing herself. She bent down and dragged the cleaner to the door. "I'm sorry. I had no other choice. If you two are destined to meet again, I will treat you a bowl of dumpling!"

It was five minutes later that everything was done. The nurse outside the door seemed to be a little anxious. She leaned her head to the door and said, "Miss Melissa, are you okay? It's getting late. We need to get some fresh air. "

Melissa didn't dare to speak. Instead, she quickened her pace and took a deep breath. She forced herself to calm down, tucked her hair into the hat, and took out a clean mask from the cleaner's pocket and put it on.

She walked slowly out of the room.

Her movement was so natural and natural that there was no gap at all, and the nurse seemed to have found nothing wrong. She just looked at her own head without walking in.

Happiness filled Melissa's eyes and brows. When she was about to leave the hospital, her shoulders were clenched.

She turned around smilingly, but froze at the sight of Aaron's face.

Melissa stuttered for a long time before stammering, "Mr. Mu Aaron. Aaron! "

For her reaction, Aaron just sneered, and then directly put Melissa on his shoulder. She did not give her chance to resist. He directly turned around and walked into the hospital.

It seemed that Melissa didn't know what it would take her to disobey him. If other women heard that they were going to be engaged in a month, they would probably be anxious to lift his heart. This woman was bold and reckless. Not only did she not show any sign of joy, but she even wanted to escape?

Trembling with fear, Melissa deliberately raised her voice while kicking. "Hello! Aaron Mu! Let go of me! You've mistaken me for someone else. I'm not Melissa. She's in the bathroom now. You've mistaken me for someone else! I am a cleaner! A cleaner! "

However, as for Melissa's cover, Aaron didn't care at all, just went on with his own things.

Just as Melissa was about to tumble and roll, Aaron suddenly stopped. He threw Melissa directly onto the ground. She winced in pain, ignoring that she was still a patient.

Aaron's angular face was taut and there was no flaws on it. In front of Melissa, he directly stretched out his hand to strangle the nurse's throat and said, "give me a satisfactory answer?"

The nurse's eyes were a little red. She shook her head and said cowardly, "I I don't know, Mr. Mu! I just saw her in the bathroom. I don't know when Miss Melissa... "

The nurse looked so pitiful that anyone who saw her wanted to take good care of her, except for Aaron.

The nurse fell on the ground when Aaron swung hard and rowed a little bit.

Aaron bent down to lift Melissa from the ground and put her on his shoulder. He said slowly, "I don't need to raise a bunch of losers. Let's go."

Melissa looked at the poor nurse, whose face filled with compassion. Melissa poked at the shoulder of Aaron and said, "I'm telling you, Aaron. We're engaged, but I threatened that nurse to stay. I'm not going to run away. Isn't it merciful to drive her away?"

With a snort, Aaron grabbed Melissa by the collar and forced her to look at him in the eye. "Bitch! Don't be fooled. I just don't want my pet to be a toy of others! I won't give you a name. You'd better know who you are! "

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