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   Chapter 7 Aaron's decision

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Next second, however, Aaron clenched his teeth and stood up quickly. All of a sudden, blood gushed out of his head like uncontrollable faucet.

The muscles on the belly started to convulse in an instant, and presumably it was also unbearable.

Just as Aaron was about to turn around and enter the villa, Sean's voice suddenly came from behind.

The frown on Sean's face smoothed a little when he saw Aaron, but he put on a disdainful look and jeered, "TSK, TSK, TSK. What a pity if someone dares to spoil such a nice body. It won't be late for me to get some wounds on your skin before you die, won't it? "

Aaron's uptight nerves relaxed a little when he heard the voice of the person coming inside. With a forced smile at the corners of his mouth, Aaron said slowly, "I'm not dead for the time being. Hurry up."

Aaron collapsed on the floor as soon as he finished his words. It was a miracle that he could insist on it. Even a strong man was now at the end of his tether.

There was no surprise at all, so Sean unfastened the medical kit on the passenger seat and went straight into the room.

Sean Liao, the son of the multinational medical enterprise in a city, monopolized half of the medical equipment enterprises at home and abroad. They were on par with the Mu clan. Moreover, they were sworn friends and passed the standard.

Sean dragged Aaron up from the ground out of habit. His movement looked a little rough, but he didn't touch Aaron's wound, not even around it.

Sean closed the door and brought him directly to the big and soft sofa.

Harry simply disinfected the wound and then started to stem the bleeding immediately.

Sean's thick eyelashes slightly trembled, and he stared intently at the wounds of Aaron, fearing that he would miss anything.

Aaron furrowed his brows and looked uncomfortable.

Two hours later, Sean finally stretched his body a little and felt a severe pain in his neck.

He slowly put the tools back into his bag and said to Aaron, "the blade is so deep You are so lucky. "

Harry bought soda for Aaron and then stood up. Sean slightly moved his body and made a clear sound from his bones. It was very pleasing in this night.

The next day, Aaron didn't wake up until it was noon.

As he slightly moved his body, he felt a sudden pain in his belly.

The corner of his mouth was slightly raised because of the pain, and it was a little pale. It looked a little pitiful.

Frowning, Aaron closed his eyes and tried to think about what had happened yesterday. If he had been more careful, the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

And that woman

While Aaron was lost in his thoughts, Sean pushed the door open and walked in directly. He asked the servants to prepare on the table on the table, walked up to Aaron and hit him on the forehead before he said, "it's not your luck to die."

Facing his sarcastic tone, Aaron didn't blame him but gently licked his lower lip and said, "Sean, do you think that woman was sent by my mother?"

His words were somewhat confusing, but Sean understood.

He casually pushed Aaron a little inside. Sean picked up a cup of cold coffee on the table, gently

sipped the coffee, and shook the foreign matter on his shoulder. "I took a quick look at that woman yesterday. She's too tattered, and I investigated her when you were asleep. She's very poor, so it doesn't seem to be someone hired by your mother. Besides, she seems to have been broken up because of you."

These words were like trivialities to Sean, inconspicuous things. Only Melissa herself knew how bitter she was.

A hint of sadness flashed through Aaron Mu's eyes. He paused for a long time before he continued, "help me tell the others that I will be engaged to her one week later."

be engaged?

Sean, who was about to continue to enjoy his coffee, spit it out all of a sudden, making him look a total mess, while Aaron's face turned ghastly pale.

With a hint of apology, Sean wiped the residue of his mouth and said, "Aaron, are you kidding? Your mother has found so many women for you, but you didn't like one of them, and now you are unwilling to let her go when picking up a beggar?"

Aaron stood up in disgust, took the gauze off directly and said coldly, "it's up to you."

Sighing helplessly, Sean helped him change the dirty gauze and then wore a new one.

At the strong request of Aaron, the two of them directly arrived at the hospital that afternoon. As they walked, they soon arrived at the intensive care unit.

Melissa was sound asleep, eyes closed. She seemed to know nothing.

"When will she wake up?"

"Three days at the latest."

Three days later, the atmosphere in the room was unusually tense.

Melissa's eyes widened in shock. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the corner of the quilt tightly, unwilling to let go of it.

"I don't agree!"

Her voice echoed in the room, and then she stared at Aaron.

Compared with Melissa's vivid expression, Aaron was much more numb.

Aaron stared at Melissa with a cold face and said slowly, "you have no right to reject. Don't forget that you are just a pet I bought."

His voice was flat and there was almost no trace of movement in his tone, as if the man who had just announced that he was going to be engaged to Melissa was not him.

On the other side, Sean watched all this silently, frowning from time to time, as if thinking about something.

As she lay back on the bed, Melissa jumped to her feet and threw the covers back to Aaron. She shouted, "I didn't mean to save you! At that time, I just wanted to die, but now, I want to live! My brother needs me to make money to save him. As for what deal you said, I don't admit it at all! I haven't got the money you gave me. It was taken away by Jill. I didn't get the money you want, either. If you want to get back the money, you can go to find her! "

Facing her reproachful tone, Aaron didn't care.

Aaron took a pen out of his pocket and quickly typed a line of numbers on the receipt. Then he said slowly, "the money is here. You can do whatever you want. I want to see you in a week. "

Aaron forcefully threw the thin check in the face of the weeping Melissa. After that, he turned around and left.

If the woman really was sent by his mother, then he could only say that the woman was too intent.

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