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   Chapter 5 Melissa's Revenge

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"Excuse me, what's your relationship with Mr. Mu?"

"What's your name, miss? Were you putting thieves on the street to get close to him?

"How did you make Aaron Mu buy you?"

"Did you really be bought with one million?"

A large crowd swarmed over, leaving Melissa no chance to breathe.

Melissa stepped back and tried to escape, but then she was forced into the ward. It seemed that the whole thing had been fixed and all the evidences were pointing to Melissa and Aaron.

A reporter grabbed Melissa'a hand and pulled her to his side.

Melissa frowned and tried to take her hand back. "I don't know what you are talking about. Let me go. I want to go home now! Let me go! "

"Don't lie to me. I have photographed it that day. Look, it is the evidence!"

Then he took out a pile of pictures from his file bag. The clothes of Melissa was tore and torn, like a helpless sheep at the mercy of its predator.

She suddenly squinted her eyes and shook her head with a scream. With inexplicable strength, she pushed the crowd away, and then ran away, leaving behind a pitiful reporter.

Melissa didn't know how long she had run. It was not until she reached the outside of the house that she had to gasp for air destructively.

And it seemed that Jill had just arrived and the door was covered as soon as she entered.

Melissa pushed Jill to the ground, put her hand in Jill's pocket and stroked the check hard, trying to find it back. "Where is the money?" she asked.

Melissa's breathing became a little rapid, her eyes turned red, and tears seemed to overflow at any time.

Jill raised her hand and kicked Melissa away. "Are you insane? I've already used up all your money on it! I won't live in such a shabby place. I've just bought a house and I'm going to move in. You dirty woman, don't touch me with your hands! You are just as vile as your mother! "

The quarrel between the two woke up Bob, who was sleeping. Mond also came out of his room in the first time.

Mond violently coughed, hurriedly walked up to Melissa, grabbed her collar and shouted, "what have you done? Why did you do that? I don't need that filthy money at all! Do you know how much others look down on us? How could you do that! I feel ashamed for you not coming back for a week! "

Mond's accusation cut Melissa's heart.

"I did all this for you You... "

"I don't need such a bad money!"

Mond's words made Melissa's heart tremble.

All her efforts for a week were in vain, and all the spiritual pillar of her whole week collapsed in this instant.

Melissa tottered back a few steps, then slumped onto the ground, losing her consciousness.

Jill gave Bob a quick glance and continued, "Let's go now. My daughter is waiting for us in the new house. This woman really makes me sick. Honey, how could you have married such a woman?"

With a look of disdain on his face, Bob sneered. After that, he turned around and helped Mond stand up, and then he comforted, "Mond, let's go. You'd better keep away from such dirty women."

Mond, who always cared about his sister, was also very angry at the moment. He nodded and agreed. Then he turned around and left, leaving Melissa alone in this dark house

Melissa's tears slid down silently, wetting the cold floor.

Melissa didn't know how long she had stood up. She only felt her body numb. She tried to stand up, but she found it difficult.

She looked around and found that it w

as dark. Then she smiled with self-mockery and walked slowly towards the door. Melissa walked aimlessly on the street.

The crowded made her have an illusion of not fit in.

Melissa didn't even have the chance to change into a clean dress when the worn out house had been completely cleaned up.

All of a sudden, she ran into the alley with her hands on her chest. Gasping for air, she asked, "why I did all these for you, but you But you don't like me because I'm dirty... "

Tears blurred her sight. Melissa was on the verge of breaking down. The sadness in her heart was so overwhelming.

The passers-by on the side of the street was frightened by the sudden movement of Melissa. They quickly drew a distance from her. Everyone observed her from head to toe and made sure that Melissa would not hurt him. Then he made a detour.

Time passed quickly, and the moon had hung at the end of the tree. The bright moonlight shined on the ground slowly. It was so beautiful that people felt it was unreal.

Just as Melissa felt that her life was destroyed, a sudden commotion came in front of her. She instinctively stood up to escape, but she was directly pressed on the ground by a black figure.


Her lips were snatched by Aaron at once, and she could only make an ambiguous whimper.

After calming himself down a little bit, Aaron was out of breath. He reached out one of his hands and pressed the back of Melissa's head to continue a deep kiss. Then he said in a lisp, "don't move."

Having recognized the voice, the excitement that she had tried hard to appease was instantly ignited. "It's all your fault. It's all your fault! If it weren't for you, how could I end up like this? What else do you want? I've come down to this. What else do you want? "

Melissa reached out and tried to push Aaron away, but her palms were wet and sticky. She was petrified. Slowly, Melissa put Aaron's hand on the tip of her nose, and immediately a strong smell of blood entered her nose.


Before she finished her words, rapid footsteps came from the surrounding. Melissa had spoken in a loud voice just now, so she attracted the attention of others.

Aaron ferociously threw Melissa away and scurried away, not caring whether the girl would fell into someone else's hands.

"He is over there. Hurry up. Don't let him run away. It's not easy for us to cut him. We won't have such a good chance in the future. Hurry up! "

A man shouted at the middle-aged man. Then, a lot of people echoed him. It seemed that the middle-aged man was very powerful.

All of a sudden, an impulse occurred to Melissa. She rose from her feet and sprinted towards Aaron. The latter ran faster than she did.

In a moment, those men in black behind her rushed over.

The shiny handle raised directly into the air. With teeth biting her lower lip, Melissa rushed up and used her own body to hold the sharp edge.

Her nerves were on edge. Melissa could even hear the sound of her flesh being torn apart.

Sophia let out a cold hum, collapsed on the floor, and then pressed herself on Aaron's back.

Aaron withdrew his hand in disdain. When he was about to say something, he saw the face of Melissa and stopped.

The man holding the knife stunned for a moment, and then he smiled mischievously and said, "Aaron, you have really made it easy for us to find you. I didn't expect that even beggars could block a knife for you. "

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