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   Chapter 4 Melissa's new life

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Melissa was stunned for a long time and didn't come to herself.

Sneering, Aaron reached out his hand and took out a delicate Swiss Army knife from his pocket. He rubbed the knife gently and said coldly, "I wonder how long you can pretend."

Melissa trembled with rage every time he moved forward. As soon as he stopped, Melissa felt her heart was like falling into an ice cellar.

The blade exuded a terrifying chill, and she shivered unconsciously. Then Melissa shook her head and explained, "No I just want money. No matter who you are, I will sell myself. I don't know what you are talking about and I don't want to know. Let go of me! Let me go back. You said you would give me some money yesterday. Now the deal is over. It's over. Do you understand? "

Raising his eyebrows, Aaron put his face in front of Melissa's.

Playfully, he pinched her chin and said, "end it? You say it's over? You schemed to make me humiliate you on the street. You even made the headlines to turn their eyes on you. You did a great job. Besides that woman, I don't think anyone is so mean. In that case, why don't I fulfill your wish? "

Although Aaron was smiling, Melissa didn't even notice the smile on his face.

His palm moved down her face and stopped.

She stood straight at her back and stared at the unruly man in front of her with her wide open eyes. Then Melissa heard the charming gasp in the room which made her face flush and heart beat faster...

The whole week, Melissa was locked up at the bedside like a puppet. She could not move, and even her day-to-day life had special servant. But she didn't even know the man's name.

She raised her head in despair, holding the check for one million in her hand. Tears fell down to her lips.

Regret was written all over her face. She whimpered painfully and then murmured, "I have got the money, but I can't go out It's useless... "

When she was at a loss, the door was pushed open.

Melissa saw Jill flexible get in and look around. Her face was full of vigilance, as if she was avoiding someone.

She did not breathe a sigh of relief until the door was closed.

Jill glanced at Melissa, who was tortured into a horrible shape and smiled.

Jill would be happy as long as Melissa suffered from the pain.

There was a look of complacency on Jill's face. She twisted her slim waist and slowly walked forward and provoked, "how do you feel? Now, you have become a humble puppet for rich people. Do you still have the right to talk to me? Melissa, you followed your mother's steps and ended up being miserable. "

But Melissa was so exhausted that she didn't even want to move Jill's fingers, let alone take notice of her deliberate provocation.

Jill sniffed scornfully as she took out the bills from Melissa's hand. Then she mocked, "What a shame! We haven't seen each other for only a week. You used to be such a humble person. How come you look down upon people just because you have a

check? "

The dying Melissa sprang up from the bed and rushed directly to Jill, as if she was chickened out. As her feet were locked to the bed by handcuffs, Melissa could only grab a corner of Jill's clothes.

Melissa's eyes were bloodshot and her whole body looked like an irritated wild animal. "Give me back the money! It's for my brother! Give it back to me! "

However, Jill pushed away Melissa and stepped back a few steps. "I'll help you take the money. Your brother is affected by his disease and will die sooner or later. It's useless to waste it on him."

Then she turned around and was ready to leave happily. However, the moment the door was opened, Jill was frozen in place.

Jill quickly hid the check behind her back and forced a smile. "Aaron Mr. Mu. "

Aaron didn't reply. He only glanced at the embarrassed Melissa and pulled Jill in. "What did you do just now?" he asked.

Although it was only a simple sentence, it made Jill's blood freeze.

Jill had never seen such a situation. She immediately knelt down with her legs weak and explained, "Mr. Mu, this is absolutely a clean person! His ex-wife had left a clean room for her. I've seen it with my own eyes in the past few years. She didn't do it at all... "

"You deserve to be humiliated! You did nothing wrong!"

The air seemed to have solidified as Aaron said lightly. Melissa also froze there.

Melissa used to think he would help her, but now

Among all the women who could react most quickly, it was no other than Jill. She put the check back into her pocket with a smile, and then she made a few compliments to Aaron. After that, she quickly ran away and cleaned up the room.

Tears had already dried up. Struggling with great effort, Melissa hissed and exhausted, "why You said it was a deal, but I don't know you. Why did you treat me like this? "

Without any emotional fluctuation, Aaron said quietly, "get out."

All of a sudden, Melissa stood there in a daze.

'did I hear it right? This man actually wanted me to leave?'

Just when Melissa was astonished, her ankle was removed by the bodyguard who just came in. She tried to move her arms and legs, but found nothing but heartache.

She was bleeding all over her ankle, and it was red, swollen and bruised. Just looking at it made people feel very sorry for him.

Fearing that Aaron would regret for what he had done, Melissa ran out of the room in a hurry even without considering whether she would make a scene.

The next second Melissa came to understand why Aaron suddenly generously let her go.

"I saw her in the box the other day. I remember she was brought in by Laurent! One million! It's said to be a gift for Mr. Mu. "

"Then she is. She became a drowned mouse!"

"Quick, headline news! We can't be taken away! "

All of a sudden, the people outside the door were noisy.

The crowd packed with people all over the place before Melissa could clear up her messy thoughts.

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