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   Chapter 3 Melissa's Decision

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Before she could cry, her gaze was fixed over the handsome man who had just entered from the door. As he tilted his head towards her, she widened her eyes.

This was the man who had humiliated her from the streets! Melissa whimpered. Maybe he could help, at least.

However, before she could call out for him, he strode forward, analyzing her every angle. "I like this gift very much," he said in a matter-of-fact way.

Hearing this, everyone was slack-jawed. For a moment, whispers erupted throughout the crowd as he accepted his gift.

"Is he really..."

"It's Aaron Mu!" "Isn't he supposed to marry someone from the Liao Family?"

Laurent's voice was drowned out by the sighs of the crowd, but he wasn't angry. Instead, the corners of his lips took form of a satisfied smile. With a glance at Jill, he tucked Melissa into Aaron's arms, taking off the handcuffs.

Melissa freed herself from the cloth stuffed in her mouth, inhaling the scent of fresh air. She quickly tugged her ragged clothes, pulling them downwards to hide her more vulnerable areas.

However, before she could run across the crowds, Aaron threw her around his shoulder and walked out.

She almost choked at the sudden movement. Then she thumped his back repeatedly, screaming, "Let go! Let go of me. Look, thank you and all, but put me down!"

He opened a small apartment nearby, snarling at her to silence. Without another word, he strolled right in and threw her onto the bed.

The cushions sank a little at her weight. She groaned, as her aching back finally got some rest. However, before she could get back up, Aaron pressed his own body against hers.

His scent wafted across her, and she couldn't help but scrunch her nose at the overwhelming perfume.

Her heart started to beat rapidly in her chest.

Aaron clutched Melissa's neck, pushing her deeper into the pillows. "Stealing, pretending, being sent to me as a gift," he snarled. "What do you want from me?"

"It's all a misunderstanding, please I just want money to help my brother."

"Money? Are you sure about that?"

Aaron sneered at her explanations, not believing her every word. One look at him sent shivers down her spine. She rushed to explain, "I really don't kn

ow you. I just stole the woman's purse, because... hmph!"

'She's just another woman who sold her body. All she needs is money anyway, one that I got plenty of, so why is she resisting?'

Aaron scowled, grinding against her.

Tears streamed down Melissa's face, as she finally gathered what's about to happen next. She reached out and dragged her fingers across Aaron's back. As she was about to say something, he interrupted her train of thoughts.

"One million, and you'll shut up."

Hearing the words slip out of his lips, she fell silent.

She needed the money, needed it badly to help her brother. What was the use of her dignity if her brother was dead?

Knowing that she had no other choice, Melissa closed her eyes and prepared for the worse. Tears wetted the pillow as she twisted and turned, giving more way for his body to do the works.

It was a whole night of lovemaking.

The room was filled with moans and sounds of slapping skin. Soon, their bodies entangled in the sheets as their own sweat embedded across the others.

It was already day when Melissa woke up.

Light streamed through the curtains, shadowing her skin in a delightful way.

The pain from last night's activities finally caught up on her, making her take a deep breath as she registered the events that had transpired last night.

Her body was decorated with bruises, embedding itself on her skin in an exquisite way.

Yesterday's events had jogged deep into her heart, as her eyes widened. She was anxious to stand up. However, just when she was about to do it, she found that her feet was tied to the post of the bed. She could only move her hands.

She kicked her foot so hard that it only smacked across the post of the bed, and the pain only reverberated around her ankles. Melissa winced, groaning out.

Suddenly, the door opened.

Aaron had arrived.

"You're awake." He slammed the door closed, glaring at her. "Don't bother. I'm just doing this to satisfy you."

She sobbed out. "I told you! I know you're rich, but you have no right to look down on me like that–"

Aaron slapped Melissa across the face, his sharp eyes fixed on her. "One million, and you tell me why you're here. Were you sent by the woman?"

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