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   Chapter 1 Melissa's Return

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The stars glinted as the moon hung low across the night, its light shadowing over the cities across the pavements. Wind blew over the streets, howling throughout the night.

As silence whistled across the streets, a shadow elongated across the sidewalk.

Around the corner, a woman in a light floral skirt ran across the streets, holding a band of papers close to her chest. As she rushed down the lighted area, her figure shrank and merged with the shadows.

She trembled, pausing at first as she panted out a few inaudible words.

Her face was frozen because of the chilly weather as her lips struggled to make out the words that she was about to say. "I–I will have the money... I'll save you...I'll save me."

Without another word, the woman stumbled across the large crowds. There were people pushing against each other, with their leather and designer bags out in display. It was the perfect scene.

Her eyes glinted with anticipation as she edged deeper into the forest of people. Without another word, she snatched the bag from a woman before racing deeper into the crowds.

She latched on the handle and ran. Soon, a cry erupted from the crowd as the woman she'd stolen from placed a hand on her mouth.

The woman was pale from fear as she reached out to grasp the handsome man beside her. "Please," she begged. "Help me catch the thief!"

Like the gentleman he was, he dropped all his plans to race after the thief. Melissa Ji ran as fast as she could. However, she was no match for the man. Soon, he finally caught up to her, purposely tripping her. She fell, letting out a surprised squeak.


Aaron Mu scowled, dropping to his feet as he grabbed the bag from the thief. Without another thought, he left her alone on the pavements.

The pain was unbearable as it spread across her body. It could render anyone down in seconds, but the list in her pocket became heavier at the thought of her losing this night's catch. She gasped for air, hands enclosing on the piece of paper.

Staggering upwards, she stumbled over to Aaron Mu, grabbing him by the sleeve. "Stop! That wallet! Give it back to me!"

Melissa Ji was willing to throw anything away–her life, her dignity, herself, as long as she could save her brother. She needed the money.

The vein on his forehead bulged as Aaron Mu glared at her. "Let me go." He snarled out like a bull ready to charge his opponent.

A strange coldness swept over Melissa Ji's body. It was not until then that she got a chance to size him up.

He had a handsome face with a very sophisticated jawline. The symmetry of his facial structure was magnificent, but his eyes seeped nothing but hatred. The look on his face would make everyone retreat.


Before she could say anything else, Melissa Ji was shoved back to the pavements.

He sneered, "Don't touch me, you thief!"

His words were like sharp blades cutting the insides of her heart. She wanted to say something to explain herself and her actions, but before she could, the woman entered the scene.

Her blood red lips pouted, leaning over Aaron Mu's shoulder.

"You don't have to humiliate her in public," she said smoothly. "It's a good thing you got it back. It was the bag you've given me, else I wouldn't be so worried ab

out it."

At this moment, Melissa Ji could feel all eyes were on her. They were colored with disdain and hatred for the act that she'd committed. She avoided them all, trying so hard to be at peace with her own personal space.

After a long time, it began to drizzle. Soon, everyone seemed to forget the scene that had happened before them as they rushed over to the places they needed to be at. Her eyelashes trembled, and her body shook as the cool weather got even colder.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, mixing with the water that drenched the pavements. She sniffled, tasting the bitterness of her lips.

As another thirty minutes passed, Melissa Ji finally got the courage to stand on her feet. Her white dress was drenched with the rain, and the bottoms of her skirts were covered with mud. It was as if she rose from Mother Earth herself.

The wind howled once more. Yet, she seemed unaffected by it all.

Hanging her head low, Melissa Ji took a deep breath before trudging across the sidewalks.

If it was possible, she'd never go back to that house over again, but she had no other choice.

She gently pushed the door open, eyes darkening in an instant.

As expected, the stench of alcohol wafted around Melissa Ji, hitting her like a bullet train.

There was a man standing in the living room with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. The moment he saw her entering, he immediately walked over towards her and grabbed the strands of her pitch black hair. "Didn't I tell you not to go out? You little bitch! Go work for me now instead of reading those shitty books! Why the hell did I marry that bitch? Now, I'm stuck with you two!"

Melissa bit her bottom lip, quivering under his gaze. She wanted him to leave her alone, wanted him to return to his drinks. However, luck wasn't on her side.

Bob Ji, her father, knocked an empty bottle to the ground. Its crash echoed across the living room as the glass shattered all over the tiles.

He shoved Melissa to the ground. Her knees scraped across the glass as she lost her balance. She was about to go back up when she was kicked to the ground by her own father. The glass slashed down her lower back. "You're weak, aren't you?" he roared. "Bitches! All you do is hook up like the slut your mother did."

Before she could answer, a cough sounded from the other end of the hall. "What did you do to her?"

A man slowly came out from the shadows. He was stark pale, like a kid who was ready to die at any moment. In reality, he was.

Regardless of the pain, Melissa stood up quickly, striding towards him. "Mond, don't worry. I will raise money to treat you, of course. You have a bright future ahead."

She struggled to smile as her whole body was shaking from the aftereffects of the events she'd faced today.

Mond Ji frowned. "Where have you been?" he demanded. "Why are you so wet?"

Melissa couldn't explain to Mond Ji. In fact, she didn't even want to. In silence, she helped him walk over to the room in the corner of the house. Once everything was arranged, she swept the glass that dotted across the floor.

However, as she was about to leave, she heard a pair heels clicking towards the tiles.

Melissa froze, knowing fully well what was coming next.

As she craned her neck, the woman slapped her cheek.

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